As the summer comes to a close and the fall months inch closer toward us, we can start to think about fun fall fashion trends to explore. Who doesn’t love it when the leaves change colors or when the air has a crisp, cool bite? Fall gives us the opportunity to explore cozy fashion options before winter sets in and coaxes most of us into hibernation.

When we think of fall fashion, we think of scarves, sweaters, and boots. But what about your hair? With the right hair accessory, you can add a little bit of hair magic to every look. Read on to discover the hottest new hair accessory trends to try this fall to make your outfit complete!

Hair Clips and Jeweled Barrettes

For most of us, hair brooches and fancy barrettes are not a part of our everyday look, but with these little accents, you can add the perfect amount of flair. Leaf-shaped barrettes, silver and pearl barrettes, and crystal decorated clips can be used to either pull your hair back or simply accent it. Clips and barrettes are also the perfect accessories for your updos or braids. The options are endless – you can try dark metal barrettes that have a 90’s vibe or gold-studded ones with colorful gems to add a bit of glamor to your look.



Headscarves, which have been a main staple in fashion for many cultural communities of women for decades, are a beautiful way to feature the face. Whether the scarves totally cover the hair, or are used as headbands, or woven in and out of braids and buns, they are a beautiful way to add color, movement, warmth, and softness to your overall look. The scarves themselves can be beaded, made of a range of materials from silks to cotton, and can also work as a head covering instead of a hat.

Blingy Head Coverings

One way to go really big with a hairpiece statement is to opt for a hair accessory such as a head covering. Designers are going wild with looks like crystal mesh, beads, and metallic fringe. These head coverings fall over the entire head and relay a sense of mystery and majesty, and because these particular hair accessories are so elaborate they make as big a statement as would a fantastic piece of jewelry such as a bold necklace or earrings.



Somewhere between hair, jewelry, and accessories live the fabulous world of fascinators. This unique type of headgear has become more widely known these past few years after getting a great deal of press during recent high-profile royal British events such as weddings, baby births, and more weddings! But you don’t have to be a member of the royal family to enjoy these fun and often outrageous statement pieces. This unique headgear fuses art, fashion, and theatricality by including sophisticated geometric structures, elaborate veils, real flowers, and sculptured reproductions of animals. Just remember to have the bold and brave attitude that accompanies these fabulous pieces!


Chains are everywhere on the runways and add an edgy element to any fashion look. Playing into funky, grungy, or even luxurious styles, chains can be weaved into hair braids, wrapped around ponytails, or pinned into the body of a full flowing hair. These chains are also being used as headbands that add a dramatic touch while not weighing down the hair as much.

Pearls for the Hair

Pearls can be both ubiquitous and uniquely elemental. They can make any outfit feel regal or kitschy just by pairing them with a particular look. Pearls in hair accessories are showing up both in playful barrettes that are densely studded with tiny, intricate pearl patterns, as well as an array of headband styles in either the traditional color of white or an array colors like autumn itself.



Headbands can be worn for both utilitarian reasons and for fashion flair. This trend can give you the look of a fresh-faced school girl, or a regal member of the royal family. Whether your headband is made with twisted loops or a beaded tiara, you can add a new statement piece to your head with this look. This season’s headbands have been seen in black, white, and bold color choices, and can also be decorated to add a chic element. This includes designs of flowers, studs, jewels, swaths of fabric, and even bows.

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No matter what your choices, have fun expressing yourself through your hair accessories this fall!

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