“Creativity is your best makeup skill; don’t be afraid to experiment.” ~Pat McGrath

If you are serious about your makeup on your wedding day, then you are the perfect one to know the importance of a complete yet compact makeup palette. A well-suited base, highlighting contours, and feature enhancing rogues can add a whole new oomph factor to your bridal look. Also, beautiful eyeshades and complimenting lip shades can help you to stand out like a notch.

Considering a complete wedding makeup palette, it goes with a considered amount of foundation of a solid makeup shade. Undoubtedly, every brand has their own version of combinations with blushes and contours while most of the wedding palettes may have almost same shades of eyeshades or lip colors while some may attract you with their glamorous shimmers and long-lasting retention time on your skin. The only thing to get you a perfect match for yourself is to swatch until you find the exact one that suits your needs with the makeup right tools.

Most fancy and branded makeup palettes may cost you a fortune. Hence, if you are thinking about spending a portion of your wedding budget on those expensive luxury brands, we have got you some of the incredible colorful makeup palettes under $50 to save you from sacrificing your money while getting a quality product in return.

Below are 11 colorful makeup palettes that don’t sacrifice on your need of shades and serving you with everything you need to make your look perfect for every occasion and celebration.

1. Boheme Chic Eye Clay Palette, Laura Mercier (cost $48)

Laura Mercier - Boheme Chic

You can sparkle in the most natural shades of Boheme chic eye clay palette by Laura Mercier that glimmers in the spring sun and gives you the perfect finished look that you need in just $48.

2. Color Icon Eye shadow 10-Pan Palette in Rose in the Air, Wet N Wild (cost $15)

Wet n Wild Color Icon

Yes, we are talking about ten different and iconic eye shades of wet n wild in a crazy affordable price of $15 only. This rose in the air palette shade options can let you surpass your wildest dreams of smoky looks in a minimal cost.

3. Little White Lies Heavenly Highlighting Palette, Stila (cost $45)

Little White Lies Heavenly Highlighting Palette

Considering the mysterious colors of the little white lies heavenly highlighting palette, when applied, each shade can transform your look magically from white to a variety of bright pastel tone of a fairytale. It is presented by Stila in a price range of $45.

4. Killawat Foil, Fenty Beauty (cost $38)

Fenty Beauty Killawat Foil

Fenty beauty comes up with another ante up of a killer palette with killawat foil. The brand is well known for their concealers and multitude of shades for smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. The launch of foil palette comes up with the satisfaction of beauty doses in just $38.

5. Naturally Pretty Essentials Eye Shadow Palette, IT Cosmetics (cost $28)

Natural Pretty Essentials - IT

Yes, you read it right. IT cosmetics have surprised all of us with pretty natural essentials eye shadow palette is just $28. Get ready to spring into the season with the most natural glow look using any of these shades and make the most of your big day.

“Every woman is beautiful without makeup, but with the right makeup, she is beautifully powerful,” ~ Martha Stevenson

6. LA Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette, Smashbox (cost $45)

Smashbox LA Cover Shot Eye Shadow

Smash box LA cover shot eye shadow palette is correctly named with all the glamour and sun of Los Angeles. You can lift up your wedding weekend with the beauty of lining your features in any of the beautiful and colorful shades damaging you $45.

7. Great Shape Contour Kit, Jane Iredale (cost $49)

Jane Iredale Great Shape Contour Kit

For the sake of your cheekbones, we consider the excellent shape contour kit. Know why? Because why should eye shades have all the fun palettes? A perfect contour kit can help you to achieve the curvy lining chiseled jawbones without loading it with a pile of layers. Jane Iredale makes it the right one in just $49.

8. Luxe Finishes Eye Palette, Laura Geller (cost $19)


Laura Geller

Laura Geller has got back every one with this amazingly cost perfect eye palette named Luxe finishes in just $19. The shades are perfect for every season and include eight high tones to let you create the latest beauty looks from basics to shinny for every season.

9. Eye Color Quad, Merle Norman (cost $36)


Merle Norman Eye Color Quad

The eye color quad comes up with the quadrant of four dominant colors to let you mix and match with the wedding attire. You can make your look go bold or go home with these amazingly bright and beautiful shades. Merle Norman has got them to you in just $36.

10. Naked Flushed, Urban Decay (cost $34)

Urban Decay Naked Flush

Urban decay is the name of quality with cost-effectiveness. Naked flushed offers you a nude shade of spring glow. It lets you skip the tanning bed and hit up to the natural tones to get you tropical shine of your wedding glow. Total damage to your pocket will be just $34.

11. Creote Eye shadow Palette, Hipdot (cost $30)


Last but not the least of all, the hip dot has got some mesmerizing curated colors that come together in a single palette is an homage from the depth of the underwater of Mexican Sea. The $30 Creote eye shadow palette lets you to create the perfectly warm water color scheme for the weather of your desire.

Wrap up

“Imperfections are just so perfect for beauty,” says; Sophia Holbeck

There are a lot more high-quality options available in the market under $50; however, the above 11 are most popular among leads and are trusted by many professionals as well. Try them out and do let us know your experience!

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