Practicing self-care on a daily basis is essential to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  It is so important that one psychologist opines, “Self-care is one’s action is around our physical, emotional, relational, perhaps professional, educational, and, for some people, spiritual well-being that reflects the way that we take care of ourselves on the most fundamental levels.”  Through research, I have developed a daily self-care guide below that involves practicing some self-care activity each day.

1. Monday

Eat Well and Nourish

Eat Well + Nourish

  • set the tone for your week
  • meal-prep nourishing meals & snacks
  • sip on hot water with lemon

2. Tuesday

Tech Detox and Find Your Creativity

Tech Detox + Find Your Creativity

  • put your phone & computer away
  • journal, create an intentions calendar
  • read, do ceramics, DIY crafts

3. Wednesday

PPPamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

  • listen to your favorite music
  • light candles, take a bath
  • do a DIY facial

4. Thursday

Nighttime Routine and Catch Zzzs

Nighttime Routine + Catch Your Zzz’s

  • meditate with essential oils
  • sip on a golden milk latte
  • wash your face, read in bed

5. Friday

Get Social

Get Social

  • get together with a friend
  • call your family, try a new restaurant
  • dance the night away

6. Saturday

Move Your Body

Move Your Body

  • try a new workout class, hike
  • do yoga, go for a long walk
  • get outside with a friend or by yourself

7. Sunday

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

  • enjoy a glass of wine
  • get ice cream
  • bake a new treat