Temperatures may be dropping, but if you didn’t take a snap of your fall outfit, did it even happen? And is fall even here? There are so many fall outfit vibes and inspirations floating around Instagram right now, and you may be saving posts left and right as you plan out your fall wardrobe. But look no further than this guide, which will show you which trends you need in your closet and where to wear them to get that Instagram-worthy photo. Here are some of the fall’s hottest trends and where to wear them to get all the likes this season.

Sweater Weather: Rock Your #OOTD at the Pumpkin Patch

Nothing screams fall more than wearing cozy, chunky knit sweaters while searching for the perfect pumpkin. Whether you’re all about neutrals or love a pop of color, adorable plus size sweaters should be in heavy rotation this season. Pair your favorite sweater with jeans, a skirt and tights or leggings and you’re ready to achieve fall perfection at any pumpkin patch (or grocery store).

Sweater Weather

  • Make it Pop—Be sure to put your own twist and style on the sweaters you are wearing so that your #OOTD pops. Try a French tuck or knotting the front or back of the sweater for a cropped fit.
  • Look Out for Good Photo Ops—When you visit the pumpkin patch, the best photo op may seem obvious, but look for little locations that aren’t frequented as much to make your ’gram stand out from the crowd.
  • Stage a Fall Shoot—If there isn’t a pumpkin patch in your area, don’t fret. Get creative by visiting your local grocery store that sells pumpkins and stage an eye-catching photo there or bring some pumpkins home to use as props. But remember, it’s all about the outfit! 

Change Is Good: Bust out the Boots

As leaves change colors and swirl their way to the ground, it reminds us that we may have some changes coming our way as well. The most noticeable—and exciting—adjustment we will need to make revolves around shoes. You can now retire your sandals and wedges until next summer and start wearing cute ankle booties.

Bust Out the Boots

  • Break Out Your Best Boots—No fall outfit is complete without a pair of boots, especially those that make a statement. With snakeskin and leopard acting as neutral prints this season, there are so many opportunities to turn your outfit up a notch with these styles.
  • Model Your Shoes at the Park—What better way to show that boots were made for walking than taking a stroll through a park splattered with fall hues? Play in the leaves or walk through enchanting paths while you snap a few pictures for the ’gram, but don’t forget to show off those booties!
  • Get the Styling Just Right—Depending on the height of the ankle boot, you may be wondering how to style the shoes with denim or leggings. You can either tuck your jeans or leggings into the boot—if they fit snug around your ankle—or you can roll and cuff denim just above the top of the ankle boot.

Punky Pumpkin: Add Pizzazz with Distressed Denim 

Whether you’re on team jeans or team leggings, it comes as no surprise that denim plays a big role in many fall-inspired ensembles. As you know, jeans come in many different textures, styles, washes and fits, but ripped jeans win the style trophy when it comes to this season.

Distressed Denim

  • Add Versatility with Distressed Denim—Whether you like denim that has a little destruction or a lot, ripped denim adds a little more personality to any outfit. And, ripped denim could also double as a Halloween costume—chic scarecrow or zombie, anyone? However, the best part of ripped jeans is that you can wear them all year round. From pumpkin patches to parks, where does destroyed denim fit in best on your Instagram feed? Anywhere.
  • Take Your Shoot to Campus—There is a location that boasts fall magic at every corner that you probably haven’t thought about yet: a college campus. Think about it: the beautiful architecture, the large, old trees circling the quad and a variety of props and places that could frame the perfect shot. And ripped denim fits right in on a college campus.

Beautifully Bundled: Scarves That Go with Everything

If you only choose one accessory this season, let it be a scarf. Not only are scarves extremely practical when the temperatures drop, but they also tie an outfit together. They can give any basic, boring outfit a touch of something special or a point of emphasis. And, what’s more, warm and cozy scarves can be worn anywhere with anything.

  • Pose and Prop—It doesn’t necessarily matter where you take this fall photo, but it does matter how you take it. See, the magic is all in how you work the scarf for the photo. Instead of posing with your hands by your side or on your hips, work the scarf by tossing it behind your shoulder with one hand mid-snap. Or you could hold the scarf behind you as it floats in the breeze.
  • Make it Natural—If you aren’t a pro at posing on the ’gram, don’t worry. Just smile, breathe and have someone follow you around with a camera catching candid moments.
  • Style the Background, Too—If you insist on having the perfect backdrop for this photo, head to an apple picking farm or field and be sure to bundle up with your favorite scarf. The possibilities are endless with this trend!

Now that you know where to go and what to wear, a new fall wardrobe and a heavily trafficked Instagram feed awaits. So get out there and shoot your shot!