With seasons changing, sometimes you need a closet edit or reboot.  What does a closet edit entail?  Going through each item in your closet and deciding what is necessary and what to discard.  This paired down version of your closet will allow you to view the clothes that you selected as your most favorites.  Then, it will free you to wear the clothes that look the best on you all the time!

I know that this can be a difficult process.  Maybe you don’t want to toss something that is sentimental, expensive, or a ton of other reasons.  Trust me, however, in promising you that this is the best road to taking control of your closet and a good portion of your belongings.

So let’s begin…

1.  Separate According to Category

Clothes Sorting

It’s best to separate all of your wardrobe items into categories so that you can see what items that you have in each of the designated areas.  This will help you to determined what you should toss or keep. For example, if you have duplicates of an item, you may want to consider keeping your favorite and discarding the other.  This step also allows you to find any “holes” in your wardrobe where you might want to make a list and add a wardrobe item when you go shopping.

Some suggested categories are seasonal, work wear, casual, accessories, and shoes.  There can be many more categories, but these categories tend to be mainstays in most closets.  Once you have separated your items by category, allot space in your closet for each category.

2.  Be Ruthless & Discerning

Flatlay 1

While there is some room for sentimentality, you must learn to be ruthless with your closet edits.  A discerning eye as to what is important to your wardrobe and what you can do without is vital.  Over time, you will see the benefits of being ruthless when editing your closet and it will get easier to toss what is not needed.

3.  What to Toss

Flatlay 3

Even the most cared for items sometimes must go.  Dry cleaners and tailors can work wonders to resuscitate a piece, but don’t hang on to anything that is:

  • Permanently stained
  • Ripped beyond repair
  • Missing crucial buttons that you can’t replace
  • Perpetually wrinkled, messy-looking, or poor quality
  • Threadbare or frayed

4.  Conclusion

A closet edit is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your wardrobe in good working order.  It keeps your closet up-to-date and prevents items from needlessly taking up space once they become damaged or outdated.