Preparing for Valentine’s Day can either be exciting and romantic, or stressful and anxiety-inducing. Depending on if you’ve been blessed with the sixth sense of perfect gift-giving or no (or if you’re a true hopeless romantic), shoppers around February 14th tend to fall into two categories.

Some people love the idea of shopping for Valentine’s gifts for their loved ones and taking the time to plan an unforgettable, romantic evening. These are the people that have prepared for Valentine’s Day before Christmas is over, and love showering their partner with love. The idea of being able to capture a special memory, experience or time together and give a gift based on that is something they look forward to year-round.

On the other hand, some people look at shopping for Valentine’s Day the same way they view going to the dentist—awful yet unavoidable. The idea of picking through oversized teddy bears and finding the perfect box of heart-shaped chocolates is enough for them to want to risk disappointing their partner and skip the holiday altogether. 

No matter which camp you fall in, the undeniable fact is February 14th is rapidly approaching and, great gift-giver or not, it’s always better to be prepared with an amazing gift. There are three things that, without fail will set the scene for a truly amazing day your Valentine will never forget: a perfectly curated trio of flowers, wine and perfume.

If you need some inspiration, are desperate for ideas or just plain waited until the last minute, check out these curated Valentine’s Day pairing guides from FragranceX. Whether your Valentine is looking for an elegant evening or a laid-back night at home, you’re sure to find the perfect collection for your special someone. The best thing about giving one of the collections? They can be picked up as late as February 13th!