An auspicious precious metal, gold is believed to bring wealth and prosperity into the home of newlyweds.  Therefore, many couples choose gold wedding rings to symbolize their marital vows.  Traditionally, yellow gold or white gold are considered the conventional forms of wedding rings.  Finding your perfect gold ring to serve as your wedding ring is a delightful task.   Any engaged couple will find it exciting to choose their wedding ring that will symbolize their continuous, everlasting love.

Wedding Bands

1.  The Tradition of the Wedding Ring

There is a common belief that the first examples of wedding rings were found in ancient Egypt. Relics that date up to 6,000 years ago, including papyrus scrolls, are evidence of the exchange of braided rings of hemp or reeds between spouses. Ancient Egypt considered the circle to be a symbol of eternity, and the ring served to signify the perpetual love of the spouses. This was also the origin of the custom of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, because the ancient Egyptians believed that this finger enclosed a special vein that was connected directly to the heart, which in Latin means the “Vena amoris”.

The circle of the ring was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end, not only to the Egyptians, but many other ancient cultures. The space in the center of the ring also had significance. To give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love.

The Western traditions of wedding rings can be traced to ancient Rome and Greece, and were first associated with the marital dowry, and later, with a promise of fidelity. The modern exchange of rings derived from the customs of Europe in the Middle Ages as part of Christendom. In both the United States and Canada, wedding rings were initially only worn by wives, but became customary for both spouses during the 20th century.

2.  Types of Gold Rings

Gold wedding rings have different meanings depending on their color.  Plain yellow gold and white gold are usually considered the traditional form of a wedding ring. These rings became popular because of their simple and practical style.  Gold rings represent a different virtue depending on their color.  Yellow gold represents fidelity, white gold means closeness or friendship, and rose gold stands for love.

Gold rings that serve as wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes.  There are thick gold rings that are more masculine in their appearance and tend to be favored by grooms.  Engagement ring sets tend to be thinner with the gold rings stacked with two to three rings on one finger.  These stackable rings are primarily worn by brides.


The symbolism of the wedding ring has a long and beautiful history.  Wearing a wedding ring shows to the world that you are committed to your spouse in every way.  Depending on the type of gold wedding ring that you choose, the meaning can be even deeper: love, closeness and friendship, or fidelity.

Which gold ring do you prefer?