Making your clothes last longer is certainly a laudable goal in two respects.  First, it saves you money because you don’t have to keep buying the same or similar clothes.  And second, you don’t have to spend the time replacing the worn out item.  Below are ten tips for caring for your clothes so you don’t have to worry about replacing them.

1.  Buy Durable Fabrics

If you have a choice, buy fabrics that are naturally durable and require very little care.  Some prefer the longevity of synthetic fibers such as polyester, while others favor natural fibers such as cotton.

Durable Fabrics

2.  Wash Less Frequently

Try to wash your clothes as infrequently as possible, not that you should wear dirty clothes, but the more you wash them, the more they lose their quality.

Avoid Washer and Dryer

3.  Fold Clothes along the Seams

To avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape of the item, fold along the seams.

Fold Clothes along Seams

4.  Let Everything Air Out

In general, no matter what you do, elastic has a shelf life. However, the better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

Air Dry

5.  Learn Basic Repairs

Learning to complete basic sewing repairs on your clothing, such as replacing a loose thread or a missing button, can make them last longer and save you money.

Learn Basic Repairs

6.  Avoid Ironing (if possible)

If you don’t have time to iron, steam your clothes by hanging them in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  Another alternative is to use a professional steamer to de-wrinkle your clothing.

Avoid Ironing

7.  Close Zippers and Other Fasteners to Prevent Snagging

Also, loosely tie strings and sashes to prevent tangling.


8.  Denim

To get rid of odors, hang jeans in the bathroom before a shower.  The damp steam will keep them fresh between washes.


9.  Avoid the Dryer if/when You Can

Researchers have found that repeatedly drying cotton garments leads to cracks in the clothing.  This reduced fabric strength by 25 percent or more and also caused pilling.


10.  Check the Seams

If you want your clothes to last, they must be made well.  Checking the seams at the store before you buy is a good way to ascertain the quality of the garment.