Denmark watch company Nordgreen manufactures and sells exquisite watches at affordable prices.  Located in Copenhagen, the watches are “[t]rue Scandinavian lifestyle & design, made accessible”.

The founders names are Pascar and Vasilij, two lifelong friends and watch enthusiasts, born-and-bred in Denmark, on a mission to deliver true Scandinavian design and lifestyle to everyone.

Danish Design with Integrity

According to Nordgreen, the Danish were raised with the values of simplicity and balance. The lifestyle of the Danish is all about removing the complexities of modern living and appreciating the little things which means having less and enjoying more.  Furthermore, the founders of Nordgreen knew that they wanted to find a way to translate these values into their minimalist women’s watches and men’s watches.

Additionally, Nordgreen’s watches were meticulously designed to be worn every day, regardless of what clothes you have on, where you’re going, or how you’re feeling.  This allows you to focus on the little moments that make life worth living. Their watches don’t just tell the time, they remind you to treasure it.

Watch Design

Nordgreen’s Name Origin

The “Nord” represents the Nordic identity. They not only strive to capture the sophisticated minimalism that is so inherent in Scandinavian design, but aim to integrate Danish values into everything they do.

The “Green” represents their emphasis on sustainability.  They take the necessary steps to ensure that their products and processes are as sustainable as possible, exemplified by their recyclable packaging and partnerships with sustainable manufacturers.

According to Nordgreen, the Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility always come first.

Women’s Watches

Philosopher Women’s Watches: The Statement Piece

According to Nordgreen, the Philosopher women’s watches two-piece dial and asymmetric second hand combine to create a truly unique design. This model celebrates the ability to think differently, push boundaries, and make a statement wherever you go.

Nordgreen Women's Philosopher - Brown Leather

Native Women’s Watches: The Timeless Classic

Nordgreen asserts that their Native women’s watches redefine classic. The simple sophisticated design and subtle detailing of this model result in truly timeless timepieces that will never go out of style.

Nordgreen Women's Native - Silver

Infinity Women’s Watches: The Everyday Essential

Nordgreen’s Infinity model women’s watches are ideal for demonstrating style that stands out from the crowd but blends into your everyday life. The deep curvature of the dial and its straightforward construction result in an everyday piece that perfectly complements wrists of all lifestyles.

Nordgreen Women's Infinity- Rose Gold


Men’s Watches

The Pioneer

This watch was inspired by humankind and its fascination with the concept of time. From the obelisk, water clock, hourglass, wheel of time, pendulum clock, pocket watch to modern day men’s watches, however you chase time, do so with a reliable timepiece. Let the Pioneer Chronograph by Nordgreen help you meet that challenge.

Striking in its simplistic design the Pioneer’s makeup consists of a minute and second dial, a stainless steel case, and domed sapphire glass. Make the Pioneer your own when you choose between three dial colors – blue, black, and white, as well as our three case colors – gunmetal, silver, and rose gold.

Nordgreen Men's Pioneer - Black Dial - Black Vegan Leather

Philosopher Men’s Watches: The Statement Piece

Nordgreen Men's Philosopher - Brown Leather

Native Men’s Watches: The Timeless Classic

Nordgreen Men's Native - White Dial - Silver

Infinity Men’s Watches: The Everyday Essential

Nordgreen Men's Infinity - Black Mesh

The Designer: Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner
“Design has the potential for storytelling, inviting our hidden dreams into our lives”

When Nordgreen describes their designer, they are very specific as to the perfect match between their vision and the designer that they sought.  Therefore, guided by traditional Scandinavian design, a love for watches, and a desire to completely change the way one looks at them, Nordgreen chose the only designer who could bring their vision to life: Jakob Wagner.

Wagner is one of Scandinavia’s most heavily awarded and respected designers, with over 20 years of experience designing for international companies. Most importantly, he has honed a style that is quintessentially Danish: elegant, simple, balanced, and timeless. What sets him apart, however, is his ability to integrate functionality into his designs.

Furthermore, with his ability to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality and his artistry in embedding Danish values into everything he creates, Jakob Wagner is Nordgreen’s key to making true Scandinavian lifestyle and design accessible.

Characteristics of Nordgreen Watches

While each Nordgreen watch is quite different, many of them come with similar characteristics.  These characteristics include:

  • Interchangeable straps
  • Variety of strap colors and textures
  • Bundle Builder: build your own watch and additional straps
  • Vegan leather
  • Gift Guide

Commitment to Sustainability

Carbon Neutral:  By planting 1,000’s of trees, Nordgreen has offset the carbon emissions generated by their Copenhagen office as well as each global shipment.

Sustainable Packaging:  All packaging is Forest Stewardship Council “FSC” certified.

Giving Back Program:  This program upholds the Nordic and Danish values of health, education, and the environment.  In doing so, Nordgreen has established partnerships with charitable organizations around the world.  With the purchase of every watch, the owner may choose between the three causes.

With my watch, I chose to educate a child from India for a month with the support of Pratham UK’s well-developed curriculum.  I chose this cause because India has the highest rate of illiteracy in the world.

Responsible Manufacturing:  By partnering with Danish manufacturers and other partner abroad, they can ensure that their overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following Danish labor practices.