The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced all of us to shelter in place and observe social distancing for the time being — and for brides with weddings planned in the first half of 2020, that restriction has posed several issues!

Fortunately, there is a way you can successfully pull off an at-home wedding, even during a pandemic. If you’re one of the brides who has opted for an at-home wedding, don’t forget to check these tasks off of your list.

Consider the weather.

You may be planning a backyard wedding so that more of your friends and family can safely attend. Be sure to check the weather before doing so! This time of year can be tricky, especially with unpredictable rain showers and heavy winds. If it’s possible, have a backup plan in place so that you can quickly move your outdoor wedding indoors if the weather decides not to cooperate.

Get wired for sound.

If you’re hosting a virtual wedding ceremony, check that your Wi-Fi signal is strong. Additionally, ensure that your devices are charged and in working order. After all, you want your friends and family to be able to hear you properly! Conduct a few test runs to ensure the microphones and speakers you’re using are ready to go for your special day.

Give direction on how to attend.

Not everyone in your family is going to understand how to use the technology needed to host a virtual wedding. Leading up to the big day, conduct a few test calls to ensure your friends and family can join in on the celebration. If you’re using Zoom, be sure to include the instructions about using the password required to join your call so that no one misses a moment.

Don’t forget to decorate.

You may be getting married in your living room, but on your special day, that’s the place where you’ll tie the knot! The space you’re getting married in should look and feel just as special as it would in a religious facility or banquet hall. Use elements that you were going to include in your wedding anyway, like floral arrangements and photos of previously married family members. Arrange them “in the shot” (or the area where you’ll be standing to exchange vows) so that everyone will be able to see them.

Enlist the help of a friend or family member.

Arrange for someone else to handle things like cueing up the music and making announcements. This will help to ensure every part of the ceremony goes according to plan. It could be someone in your home or someone working virtually, but that extra person will be a lifesaver when it comes to pulling off your at home wedding ceremony.

Remember to enjoy the moment!

It may not be the wedding you had planned on having, but the day can still be just as special. If you’ve opted to hold your wedding at home, remember to take in the beauty of your unique celebration.

This checklist was brought to you by the planning experts at the William Penn Inn, a Bucks County wedding venue.