Picking out an outfit for a special event always takes a lot of time. When we are about to attend a party, we look for some trendy and stylish clothing that will still be comfortable for a night spent on the dance floor. However, by investing so much time into choosing our fashionable outfit, we tend to forget about another important segment of our overall look: our hairstyle. And don’t forget that our hairdo is an enormous part of our style, and moreover, with amazing hair, you can pull off any fashion piece.

That is why we bring you five incredible hairstyles for all hair lengths that you can rock at the next party.

Voluminous topknot

Voluminous topknot

Long or even medium length hair will look exquisite when put into a stylish topknot. Also, this hairdo will look lovely with short, off-the-shoulder dresses. Start by applying some texturizing spray and tie your hair into a sleek topknot. Then slightly pull out a few pieces from the hairdo and make your topknot as messy as you want. Insert bobby pins wherever you feel like you have pulled out too much hair or if you just want to make the knot a bit more secure. Additionally, let your front locks fall freely and frame your face. Finally, apply hairspray and your hairdo is done.

Trendy hairclips

Trendy hairclips

To truly look like a fashionista who is ready to party, you need some hair accessories. Cute and bold hairclips are just the right thing for you. They will look best on long and voluminous hair, so if your natural hair is on the thinner side, don’t worry. You can simply use trusty and best hair extensions on the market that will seamlessly blend with the rest of your hair. Follow the path of various famous ladies who don’t shy away from using extensions in order to get those fabulous hairdos.

Once you put your hair extensions in, it is important to opt either for completely straight or wavy hair. Thus, apply a heat protecting spray and get you flat iron or curling wand. Afterwards, brush the hair and start inserting modish clips on each side of your head. Apply them closely to the roots and along both sides. You will get a cool hairstyle that will go perfectly along with a bold eye shadow makeup.

Braids, but make it fashion

Braids, but make it fashion

A long, cute braid is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. However, if you want to spice up this classic and lovely hairdo, you can do so with a simple and stylish headscarf. Of course, you can effortlessly wrap the scarf around your braid and this will look especially fabulous on shorter hair. On the other side, if you have long hair or have put in your hair extensions, try braiding the headscarf into your hair and secure everything with an elastic. You will get a unique look in no time that you can match with a simple, graphic tee, a pair of high-waisted jeans, and a biker jacket.

Romantic low ponytail

Romantic low ponytail

This hairstyle will look amazing on shorter hair. Start by brushing your hair and applying texturizing spray. Then take an elastic and put the hair into a sleek, low pony. Once this is done, pull out the two front locks that frame your face to make the look more feminine. Additionally, if you want this hairdo to be even more fabulous, add a bow or a satin ribbon around the hair tie. This will make a classic, low ponytail look ten times better and fashionable.

Chic side-swept curls

Chic side-swept curls

This super fun and trendy hairstyle is an option for all hair lengths, but it will look the best on curly hair. Thus, let your curls be free or if you have straight hair, get hold of a curling iron. Apply generously hair mouse and make sure your hair is completely dry before you start creating this hairdo. Part your hair so that you have more hair on one side. On the side that has less hair, twist all of that hair back and don’t be afraid to use a number of bobby pins. Then add a couple of cute hair clips or barrettes to make the look even more fashionable. You can rock this hairdo with any outfit, but it will look especially gorgeous with elegant, cocktail dresses.

Finally, we can say that a cool party hairstyle can be achieved in no time. No matter your hair length, we are sure that you will love wearing the above-mentioned hairdos.

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Sophia Smith is Australian-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and natural beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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