If you are someone who likes to wear jewelry on a daily basis, you are one of many women who share that passion. But sometimes it can be hard to coordinate your favorite piece with the outfit that you have in mind and sometimes you need new ideas. So, here are practical ways you can coordinate your jewelry with the outfit that you have picked out.

Complex Patterns Call For Simple Jewelry

Complex Patterns Call for Simple Jewelry 2


The matching rule when you are wearing an outfit that has bold patterns or prints is quite simple. Choosing simple dainty jewelry when you are waiting for loud pieces is the way to avoid having a chaotic outfit. For example, it is better to pick small earrings, a simple watch matched with a simple cute bracelet instead of adding a bold, colorful necklace. That will prevent your outfit from becoming a hot sticky mess. Another thing to keep in mind is the dominant fabric pieces, not only prints and patterns. Let’s say you are wearing a ruffled dress shirt; you will want to avoid any type of statement jewelry because your outfit will only look tacky and not stylish.

If You Like Monochromatic Black And White Outfits then Precious Metals Are the Way to Go

Monochromatic B&W with precious metals

There is no going wrong with wearing precious metal jewelry with any outfit because gold, silver, and platinum go with everything. But there are times when those will look better, like when you match a black or white outfit with it. That is because your outfit will act as a simple backdrop for the jewelry and accent it in the best way possible. The only thing you will need to look out for when styling precious metals with a white outfit, especially silver, is it turning green and ruining your clothes. But there is a simple solution for avoiding that, and it is by doing an ultrasonic cleaning session to prevent that from happening. Having one at home is the best and cheapest way to keep your metal jewelry clean, and your clothes stain free.

Sea-Coloured Clothes Go Amazing with Pearl Jewelry

a Colors Go with Pearls

If you are someone who likes to miss-match and has fun with your outfits but struggles to find the right jewelry for the fit, pearls are the ones you are looking for. As we all know, pearls are chic and sophisticated and a staple that most women like to wear on a daily basis. Because they are found in the sea, it is only logical that they go with sea-coloured clothes. From seafoam green to salmon pink, any color that you decide to pair your pearls with you can’t go wrong. That is because just like with precious metals and black and white outfits, sea-coloured piece of clothing will provide the perfect backdrop for your pearl jewelry.

Mix Warm and Cool Tones to Spice Things Up

Mix Warm and Cool Tones

If you want to experiment with your style, the best way to spice things up is to add colored jewelry. Some of the best statement pieces are rubies, anger gems, or canary diamonds, and they look the best when matched with a monochrome outfit. You can also style opposites and match warm gems over cool clothes and vice versa. When you are supplying opposites, make sure to look at the color wheel and see what colors are on the opposite side of the spectrum from one another.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

We all know that you simply can’t go wrong with diamonds. They have been used as jewelry since they were discovered because they just go with everything. If you are unsure what jewelry to pair with your outfit, you can’t go wrong when you put on diamonds. No matter what shape they are, they will look amazing, and they will complete your whole outfit.

Opt For Jewelry That Compliments Skin Tone

Opt for Jewelry that Compliments Skin Tone

If you are tired of pairing your jewelry to your outfits, you can simply match them to your skin tone. Just like when you are matching your jewelry to your outfits, you can pick pieces that will complement your skin tone instead. If your skin tone is darker, opt for gold pieces. Cooler skin tones look best with gems that are blue, purple, and red; if you prefer metal, it is best to choose white gold or silver. Warmer skin tones look best when paired with orange, yellow, or green gems and yellow metals.

There are so many variations and options when it comes to coordinating jewelry like a pro. But at the end of the day, it is all up to you and your preferences. Make sure that you are comfortable with your choices and that it makes you more confident.

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