Are you planning a wedding with a vintage theme?  You may be searching for that timeless look that will be in style forever.  This article contains some inspirational ideas to assist you in choosing the perfect vintage items for your wedding.

1. Use a Vintage Couch

Antique Couch

Incorporate a vintage couch along with a Persian rug and other antique furniture items into your wedding decor.  This will create an ambiance of a living room outdoors.

2. Antique Table

Antique Table for Guest Book and Cocktail Hour

Entertain guests at cocktail hour by presenting your guests with a table of treats. Here, an antique table is used for the wedding guest book which is both beautiful and practical.

3.  Brooch


Brooches make for the perfect “something borrowed” in a vintage wedding. Adorn your bouquet with two—one brooch from your side of the family, and one from the groom’s family.

4. Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast

As the champagne poured in The Great Gatsby, the celebration lasted for what seemed like forever.  There is something about a champagne toast that evokes a celebration from past eras. Cheers!

5. Exit in Style

Exit in Style

End the night on a high note by decorating your getaway car with gorgeous adornments like flowers or the traditional tin cans tied to ribbons.

6. Fairytale Tablescape

Fairytale Tablescape

A romantic table setting is purely enchanting with lush centerpieces, glowing candles, and, if appropriate, string lighting twinkling from the trees.

7. Flower Petals

Flower Petals

Paper cones filled with rose petals give guests something to throw as you exit your ceremony. It also adds a touch of romance and makes for beautiful wedding photographs.

8.  Gazebo or Arbor

Gazebo or Arbor

With a vision for a fairytale wedding, this gazebo ceremony site is decorated with flowers and greenery surrounding each pillar as well as a gorgeous centerpiece on the table within.  Isn’t this so romantic?

9. Calligraphy Invitations

Gold, Calligraphy Invitations

Frayed edges and sprawling calligraphy make these Save the Date cards look like they’re made of parchment.

10. Lace Veil

Lace Veil

The bride paired her gorgeous, detailed wedding dress with a vintage Victorian silk lace veil.

11. Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Lily of the Valley is forever timeless, especially when carried as a bridal bouquet.

12. Parasols


If you’re having an outdoor wedding, parasols not only make an ode to the 1800s, but provide guests with a way to shade themselves from the sun. Place them in baskets or large ceramic vases at the entrance to the ceremony for guests to grab before sitting.

13. Stately Reception Venue

Stately Reception Venue

Having your reception in a stately venue? Take inspiration from your surroundings by filling the space with banquet tables and colorful goblets.

14. Vintage Car

Vintage Car

Make your something borrowed a vintage car!  Arrive at the ceremony in a vintage automobile.

15. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Whether your engagement ring is an antique or you’re borrowing precious jewels as your “something old” or “something borrowed,” make sure to capture the special stones on camera. You’re choosing to wear each piece for a reason, which means it is part of your wedding story.

16. Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress

Consider wearing a vintage wedding dress to the ceremony or change into a vintage dress for the reception.  Either way is perfect!  Your vintage dress will look beautiful with all the other vintage items surrounding it.

17.  White Boutonnieres

White Boutonnieres

Classic white roses are both vintage and timeless. They date back centuries ago as the perfect final touch at a wedding. Use them as boutonnieres to complete the vintage flair.

18. Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflower Bouquet

A bouquet of wildflowers comes alive in a bevy of purples, yellows, and pinks. It creates a beautiful bohemian vibe reminisce of the 1960s.

19. Write You on Vows on Paper

Write Your Vows on Paper

Write your vows on paper as a memento for years to come. After exchanging them at the wedding, display them in your home as a reminder of the promises you made.