Physical health plays a vital role in long-term spiritual, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Yet many of us forgo out physical health when confronted with the hectic and stressful nature of our everyday lives, and even though your priority should be to achieve mental wellbeing, your physical self greatly contributes to that spiritual and mental balance. When you recognize that your life has acquired a pace that is affecting your wellbeing, it’s time to find ways to take action and restore your health by tending to your body’s many needs.

You’ll find that numerous holistic practices that aren’t limited to physical actions have very real effects on your physical being. Here to help you reach greater physical health, as well as spiritual and mental balance, are the five most essential healthy habits to add to your life.

Embrace a healthier approach to eating

Embrace a healthier approach to eating

One of the pillars of healthy living and ensuring a healthy, resilient body is your diet. When you make an effort to eat a clean, balanced diet, you give your immune system what it needs to stay strong, while you ensure plenty of energy to be able to be productive and enjoy your life every day. But even beyond that, healthy eating is a key preventative measure for reducing your risk of numerous chronic diseases, from cardiovascular issues to diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, it’s very important that you implement mindful eating strategies, as suggested by McKenzie Flinchum, a nutritionist and athlete at heart whose approach to eating goes well beyond just calorie counting or macronutrient balance. So, in addition to creating a meal plan that suits your needs, make sure to sit down, enjoy your every meal, and remove any distractions that could lead to overeating.

Achieve a healthy balance through exercise

Achieve a healthy balance through exercise

Hand in hand with healthy eating, regular physical activity is pivotal in restoring your physical and spiritual health. In addition to ensuring optimal muscle tone, strength, and endurance, exercise gives your cardiovascular system the resilience necessary for long life without chronic disease. Still, too many people perceive fitness as a chore, which results in great dissatisfaction and abandonment of their fitness goals.

To stay consistent and devoted and enjoy your physical pursuits, you need to set realistic goals as advised by an expert in the field of fitness, Kara Thompson. Although you may have high aspirations, focusing on smaller milestones that will help with your ultimate goal is a healthier way to keep your ego subdued and your mind focused on the beauty of exercise.

Listen to your body and take precautions

Listen to your body and take precautions

Starting to eat well and work out will often not eliminate the numerous consequences of the sedentary, stressful life most of us lead. Perhaps you’re struggling with low back pain, insomnia, eczema, or anything in between, but you’re putting off seeing a doctor. Either way, you need to listen to the subtle as well as the not-so-subtle signals your body is sending, and most importantly, take the necessary precautions. This is especially important during the COVID-19 crisis, because preventative measures can help you stay healthy throughout the pandemic while keeping your loved ones safe.

This is why wearing a surgical mask when you’re around other people is imperative , along with maintaining social distancing and adhering to the strict hygiene rules to minimize the risk of infection. Getting a medical examination paired with expert guidance is always the best way to stay on the safe side and minimize health risks overall, and it will also help you stay on top of your physical and mental health when you do notice any potential signs that something might be wrong.

Meditate and visualize health

Meditate and visualize health

Meditation has become a way for many people to heal, process their emotions, reduce stress, and build up their confidence with affirmations. However, meditation can help elevate your physical health with the right approach. Meditation can be your gateway to understanding your body better, recognizing those subtle signals of any health issues, or discovering tension where you wouldn’t normally spot it.

More than that, your meditative sessions can let you envision the health you crave to build, the body you aim to carve, and the energy you intend to produce. With the right affirmations and the right mindset, you can utilize your meditative practice to build your physical health alongside your spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Prioritize sleep and a healthy bedtime ritual

Prioritize sleep and a healthy bedtime ritual

Finally, your physical as well as mental energy heavily depend on how much quality, consistent rest you provide for your body. Many people fail to factor in their sleep hours into their schedules, so they create haphazard patterns of sleep that wreak havoc on their health.

Create a routine that suits your lifestyle and ensures you get enough hours of rest every night. To ensure you fall asleep fast and in absolute serenity, Dr David Volpi suggests a calming bedtime ritual such as taking a warm bath. Add essential oils to the mix and use the power of nature to further increase the quality of your sleep.

Ultimately, the wellbeing of your physical body depends on various actions that will also heavily impact your spirit and your mind. Use them to bring balance to your existence and to protect your quality of life in its every aspect through healthy habits and commitment.

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