The Inspiration for the 2021 LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collection is Beautifully Stated Below:

Makhtesh Ramon: the largest erosion cirque in the world, shaped like a heart. Millions of years ago, this rocky desert was an ocean and the center of this depression in the ground was the peak of a mountain. As the ocean receded, rivers formed and softer rock slowly washed away, deepening the center of the makhtesh and creating the walls that surround it. Now, they stand 350 meters tall, overlooking a landscape unlike any other on earth—where layers of rock have been pulled back to reveal stone from 220 million years ago.

I chose to shoot my 2021 LOVE by Pnina Tornai collection at Makhtesh Ramon to emphasize that our beautiful world has been here forever and will forever be a home for all of mankind. We should all remember to respect our generous planet, and to respect one another. The heart shape of this unique crater says it all…All we need is LOVE.

The Wedding Gowns in this Collection:

This collection features the classic Pnina Tornai silhouettes and corsetry, but with new fabrications and details.

Number of styles: 26 gowns + 1 overskirt

Size range: 2 – 32

Photography Information for Each Image:

Gowns available at Kleinfeld Bridal (@kleinfeldbridal)
Photography; Dvir Kahlon (@dvirka2)
Makeup: Ortal Elimeleh (@ortalelimeleh1)
Hair: Benjamin Ruimi (@benjaminiruimi)

About Pnina Tornai:

Pnina Tornai is a globally renowned couture bridal designer, brought in to the spotlight in the U.S. as a star of TLC’s highly successful show, “Say Yes To The Dress.”

Pnina’s passion for design was inspired by her Moroccan mother and Egyptian father, who exposed her to elaborate cultural ceremonies and celebrations from a young age.

Her love for beauty and intricate details grew into a desire to create beautiful gowns that reflected her unique heritage and, after designing her own gown for her Parisian nuptials, Pnina discovered the transformative power of a single dress and was determined to share it with other brides.