Formal events that require you to wear black tie attire don’t usually happen that often, but when they do find a place in your monthly schedule, you certainly want to look exceptionally dashing.

However, some think that this kind of outfit, although an elegant classic, can be a bit boring and overly simplistic. But in fact, this is not the case. A black tuxedo and white shirt can look exquisite and, with a little dose of creativity, can reflect your personal fashion style.

We all know that black tie attire can make any man look incredibly charming and confident, but only when worn properly and with style. Here are a few tips on how to choose your tuxedo and how to accessorize it when you are about to attend a fabulous wedding (as a guest or as the groom).

The tuxedo needs to fit you perfectly

The tuxedo needs to fit you perfectly

As it is a quite special occasion that you are about to attend, you should invest in a custom tuxedo, so that you look just right. Some men tend to go for a tux jacket that is a size or two bigger and for trousers that are too long for them. This will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also look as if you were much wider and bigger in size as well as older. A tight jacket and short trousers are also quite unappealing, so it is certainly best to consult a professional tailor and get a matching tux jacket and trousers that fit you amazingly.

Additionally, while it is best to go for slim fit tuxedo trousers, you can be a bit more creative when it comes to the jacket. The classic, black, shawl lapel is a minimalistic and sophisticated choice, but (if the dress code is not as strict) you can also go with dark green or navy velvet tux jacket. In that case, make sure that the trousers are a classic, black pair. What makes a velvet tux jacket additionally appealing is that it’s actually quite a versatile item that you can wear on other occasions paired with T-shirts and jeans.

Subtle accessories are a must

Subtle accessories are a must

The perfect fit is essential if you want to look dapper. But this is only the first step, as you must build up the look. This can be achieved with the proper accessories. Start with cufflinks. Although they represent a subtle detail, rose gold or silver cufflinks or maybe even a pair decorated with pearls or diamonds add a luxurious note to any classic look.

Furthermore, as you want to look exceptionally neat for a black tie wedding, you cannot have your cards and paper money falling out of your pockets. That is why it is best to opt for a refined cardholder wallet, which can even add a pop of color to your overall look if you choose a cognac brown nuance instead of the usual black. The third piece of accessory can be a splendid watch. You can match the shade of your cardholder to the brownish shade of your watch strap, thus creating a well assembled and complete look that is at the same time upscale and minimalistic.

A stately bow tie can add a new dimension to your outfit

A stately bow tie can add a new dimension to your outfit

The classic black butterfly bow tie is the traditional choice when it comes to this piece of accessory. However, although a stylish option, you can get a bit more creative and go for an oversized or even a bow tie made from a material other than silk and satin. A wool bow tie can be a chic alternative that adds contrast to the luxurious, shiny lapel of your tuxedo, while a rich, velvet one intensifies the sophisticated dimension of the formal attire.

Once more, if the dress code is slightly less strict for the wedding you are going to, you can even choose a colorful bow tie that may reflect your personal fashion sense. In that case, you will have a truly immense number of options and styles to choose from.

A silk scarf for a dazzling final touch

A silk scarf for a dazzling final touch

Although not an obligatory part of the standard black tie attire, a silk scarf can perfectly complete your look, making you stand out from the crowd. Not many men will decide to wear this sophisticated item when they are about to attend a wedding, but there is absolutely no reason not to upgrade the formal outfit with a milky silk scarf. To make it even more special, you can opt to have your initials woven on the scarf and simply and casually wear it layered on your tux jacket.

Finally, we can say that minimalistic attire such as a black tie can look exceptionally ravishing when styled properly. With the tips we have suggested, there is no doubt that you will be one of the most dashing men at the wedding party.

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