This past year has been an interesting one for weddings. From postponements to virtual ceremonies, brides and grooms all over the nation have had to make adjustments to their big day. Although wedding plans changed in 2020, one thing that wasn’t put on hiatus was engagements. If you’ve had to move your wedding to 2021 or plan to have a wedding in 2021, these will be some of the most popular wedding trendsJardin_OutdoorWedding


Micro Weddings. In 2020, small weddings were all the rage thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Whether you always intended to keep your guest list short or you’re still concerned about the health issues associated with large gatherings, micro-weddings are going to be on-trend in 2021. Keep your guest list limited to family and close friends. If you feel inclined to include everyone in your life, extend a digital invitation to those outside your family. They can tune in to your ceremony through Zoom or any other video calling service safely on the big day.

Weekday Weddings. This wedding trend has been on the rise for some time. Weekday weddings are a more affordable option for those couples on a budget. Prices are often significantly discounted for wedding events held during the week because venues would otherwise not be able to fill that space. In addition to cutting back on the cost of your wedding, hosting it during the week can help limit your guest list without the added guilt of not inviting those parties. Many people may decline your invitation because of work, family, or other obligations.

Welcome Boxes. Wedding trends are always evolving, and with the coronavirus top of mind for many people, welcome boxes will be a major wedding trend in 2021. With your guests’ safety at the forefront of the event, create welcome packages or stations for your guests to sanitize as they enter your ceremony. Include hand sanitizer, face masks, directions to the nearest bathroom for handwashing, and reminders that masks should be worn at all times. These stations will ensure your guests’ safety and allow them to feel more comfortable about attending a large social gathering.

Outdoor Wedding Venues. We’ve already seen outdoor weddings spike in popularity in 2020, but that trend will continue well into 2021. Whether it’s under a tent by a lake or a regal outdoor wedding venue in Montgomery County, PA, there are a multitude of options when it comes to locations for outdoor weddings. Once you find your venue, it becomes all about the decor. Don’t forget to consider the time of year. If you have an outdoor wedding during the colder months of 2021, you should inquire about space heaters or outdoor enclosures to ensure your guests’ comfort.

Tiny Toasts.
 Gone are the days of long, drawn out wedding speeches. In 2021, many couples are going to be focused on gratitude and intention. Instead of allowing the traditional speeches from the best man and maid of honor, more couples will allow any guest that feels comfortable the opportunity to give a “tiny toast.” Whether it’s a simple “Congratulations!” or a more sentimental well wish, your guests will appreciate being included in your special day.

Incorporate any or all of these ideas into your 2021 wedding to stay safe and on-trend.