With the winter weather upon us, it is nice to take some time to pamper ourselves, especially our skin.  If the harsh winter elements have your skin feeling irritated or just plain parched, the products below by The Better Skin Co. will cure what ails you. So take some time to sprinkle some self-love on yourself – you deserve it!

The Better Skin Co. wants to remind you to love thyself with an at-home spa day featuring five of their multipurpose star products, including their award-winning heroes Mirakle Cream, Zit No More and Lava Magik. All The Better Skin Co. products are vegan, paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free.

You can find these all-stars and more on TheBetterSkinCo.com and Amazon.


U Complete Me! Mirakle Cream, $36

Mirakle Cream

This one-stop, all-purpose cream serves as a day cream, night cream, eye cream, brightener and primer to make multitasking your skincare routine a breeze.

Review: This cream does it all!  It purposefully creates more time in your beauty and makeup routines so you are not rushing out the door.  After one use, my skin felt soft, especially my eye area.  Over time in using this product, I am certain that my skin will be brighten as well.  I’ve never seen a product that has so many multi-functional uses that saves so much time!


Zit No More Saves the Day, $18

Zit No More

A travel-friendly spot treatment, TBSCO’s Zit No More is here to rescue you from acne, ingrown hairs and even bug bites.

Review:  I am fortunate enough not to get acne, but I do get the occasional annoying pimple.  When that is the case, Zit No More does the trick!  Spot treating the affected area brings relief in a very short amount of time.  Additionally, there are some great Amazon reviews about this product such as “I love this stuff” and “Would buy again”.


Love to Lava Baby, Lava Magik, $32

Lava Magik

A daily cleanser, exfoliating scrub and revitalizing mask?! Yes, please! Self-Care day will never be the same after you spend some time soaking in the tub with this magic lava smoothed over your skin. Lava Magik retexturizes skin to leave it feeling silky smooth and looking younger, too.


Livin’ an Epic Love Story with Epik C Serum, $38


TBSCO’s Epik C Serum contains a power trio complex of Majestem, vitamin C and PhytoVie to visibly tighten and lift the skin, brighten dullness and reduce the appearance of lines, and defends against pollutants.

Review: It is no secret that I love serums for their potency and efficacy.  This Epik C serum has the key ingredients that I search for when choosing a serum.  After using this serum a number of times, I found it to brighten my skin which I love.  I also like its defense against pollutants because no matter where you go, you encounter them.


Love Thyself More Amaze Balm, $36

Amaze Balm

An ultra-hydrating and nourishing cream, this multi-purpose rising star decreases the appearance of hyperpigmentation, combats puffiness, eliminates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and acts as an excellent sleeping mask.