Denim jackets have made a comeback recently, and there are some new spins on this blast from the past that are making waves in the fashion scene. Like their counterparts—blue jeans, denim jackets are likely to be reinvented again and again with fresh takes on an old classic. If you can’t find some rad, vintage denim jackets in your mom’s closet to borrow, here are some new styles that we love.

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Mixed Fabric Outerwear

Denim jackets make great outerwear layers for the fall and spring, but adding in some extra materials can make them even better for those cold days. Sherpa is a super soft and cozy material that mimics the classic sheep shearling. You can find denim jackets lined with sherpa fabric that are warm and inviting. Sherpa collars, hoods, and sleeves also make for a new stylish mix up of materials that pairs great with denim. Thicker jackets are perfect for transitioning from fall to winter.

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Get Colorful

Who says jean jackets need to be classic blue? Break outside the norm with denim jackets in unusual hues like spring pastels, autumn earth tones, and colors of the rainbow. Different colors can make it easy to style your denim with the current season. Some solid choices for your wardrobe will also always include denim in black and tan, too, because they’re super easy to match and layer with other items in your closet.

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Double Down Your Denim

Like we mentioned earlier, blue jeans will always be in style, whether you’re rocking some skinny jeans or throwing back with some of your mama’s flares. Denim jackets in the same matching tone as your bottoms are still a great way to make a double denim outfit for a luncheon with friends or an outdoor event. Try pairing your denim jacket with a matching short skirt and some cute little boots for a playful look that’ll grab some attention. You can go with a clean and brand new look, or buy jean jackets and bottoms that have a pre-worn and washed-out look.

Wrap It Around You

Take your long-sleeved denim jacket and tie it around your shoulders. You can do this as a layer on a cute women’s top, or you can even tie it as a layer on top of outerwear. Try pairing it with a turtleneck and wide-leg pants. Or, go for more of a streetwear style and tie it around your waist with a pair of shorts, a graphic tee, and sneakers. If you get cold, you’ve got it as an extra layer to wear.

Denim Vest

As a Vest

Layering your denim vest is the perfect way to mix in some color to your ensemble. A hoodie or a sweater underneath can give you some added warmth, or you can just go with some simple long-sleeve tops. Try a plaid flannel underneath for a classic mashup of vintage-inspired styles. When you work layers into your outfit, it’s easy to stay comfortable in different climates, like when you’re shopping in warm stores on the main strip on a chilly day. Vests also pair well with both short or long flowy skirts.

The best thing about denim is its durability. You can wear and wash your denim jackets and they’ll last as a go-to piece of your wardrobe for years to come. And if they happen to fade away from the limelight in a year or two, don’t worry, your investment will come in handy when the denim jacket trend comes back around. Like leather and plaid, you can bet denim will stick around as a classic style we’ll always bounce back to.

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