Planning your wedding is an exciting activity that is definitely worth pursuing, especially if you’ve always dreamed of having a perfect ceremony, surrounded by the ones you love dearly. But, not too long ago, people were allowed to congregate and mingle as they pleased, but currently, the citation is a bit more complicated. Due to the global pandemic, organizing events such as elaborate wedding parties is more difficult, but since the situation is slowly starting to improve, you may start planning the wedding events with caution.

The wedding cocktail hour is a more laid-back version of the wedding reception, so if you’re someone who likes a relaxed and casual atmosphere, then this may be a perfect way to celebrate your special day. For that reason, here are some useful tips that will help you organize it the right way.

Plan a cocktail station

Plan a cocktail station

Since you’re planning a wedding cocktail hour, your job is to organize the selection of cocktails. There are so many combos and tastes to choose from, but due to safety regulations, it might be better to organize a cocktail station, rather than to hire waiters to serve every single guest. A cocktail station is where drinks are carefully made and served by a skilled bartender, so each person would have to come up and get their own drink. Cocktails such as coconut margarita, rum orange swizzle, and Italian sling are perfect for a wedding party, so feel free to consider adding them to your menu.

Take time to select the food

Take time to select the food

Food is a huge part of every wedding party, so it’s essential to make the best choices that everyone will enjoy. Therefore, before you start planning the catering, make sure to ask your guests about their food preferences, so you’ll be able to plan better. Since the wedding cocktail hour differs slightly from a formal wedding reception, it’s generally better to opt for finger food that is easy to maneuver and eat. Tomato mozzarella bites, zucchini tots, veggie rolls, and ham and cheese sliders will go perfectly with any cocktail drink. However, these are only some of the suggestions, so feel free to add your own, but also, make sure to include everyone’s tastes and dietary preferences so no one will feel excluded.

Find the right venue and the theme

Find the right venue and the theme

The location matters a lot because the atmosphere is crucial if you want your guests to have fun. If you live in a country that’s currently in the summer season, such as Australia, then be sure to hire a venue in Western Sydney as that will surely be a great match for everyone involved. Getting married in a cosmopolitan big city such as Sydney will undoubtedly contribute to your wedding party, as the local vibrant atmosphere will entice guests to feel more celebratory and excited.

Also, if you love playing with various themes, you might consider planning an old Hollywood themed party, together with vintage swing and jazz music that will evoke the charm and spirit of speakeasies from the 1920s. A properly selected theme will surely elevate your cocktail hour to a whole new level, mainly if you love all things related to old school glamour and luxury.

Consider hiring professional help

Consider hiring professional help

This one is important, especially if you’re too busy with other aspects of your wedding preparation. Hiring a team of experienced wedding planners will help you relax knowing that your wedding is in safe hands. Also, since you’re planning a cocktail hour, opting for a reputable mixologist or bartender will be of tremendous help. Besides, professionals have more in-depth access to the best decorations, foods, and music, so if you want everything to run smoothly, hiring some extra help will definitely be the right decision.

Gift your guests with something nice

Gift your guests with something nice

Handing your guests a carefully selected gift bag is a nice way to show them your gratitude for being in your life. In this instance, a cocktail-themed gift bag with recipes, tiny glasses, and cocktail DIY kits will make them appreciative of your efforts, especially after they’ve enjoyed delicious cocktails at your own wedding. This is entirely optional, but it’s something you should definitely consider if you want your friends and family to remember your wedding party with fondness and appreciation.


A wedding cocktail hour is a fun way to make your wedding party more memorable and original. But, due to the situation right now, it’s crucial to follow all the safety protocols in order for everyone to be healthy and safe. Finally, remember to have fun and feel happy for being able to celebrate your wedding with people who mean so much to you.

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