Are you looking for the best wedding menu ideas for your big day? The menu is a tricky decision that you must make during your wedding because there are different types of guests, each with unique tastes and preferences. Trying to accommodate the needs of all the guests can feel impossible, but with a good menu, you could cater to everyone. 

Before you get the right kitchen tools for the wedding, you can send wedding invitations and offer the correct count to the caterer. If you want to add classics like beef or chicken or serve unique options such as vegan burgers, you should seek information about the type of guests you expect. Here are wedding menu ideas you can implement on a wedding day. 

Waffle Bites 

Heart Waffes

Waffles are not just perfect for breakfast, but you can serve them on your wedding day. You can customize them with corn, cilantro, or sour cream and serve the bite-size waffles with varieties. This makes for a classy and easy-to-handle option for the guests.

Pizza Pies

Pizza Pies

Many people like pizza. You can add a DIY pizza station to the main course, which will attract almost everyone. Guests will surely be impressed by knowing they can customize their pizza with different toppings. Good wedding food menu idea that contributes to the fun factor. 

Brunch Bar

If your wedding is happening early in the day or you’re a big fan of briner (dinner for breakfast), setting up a brunch bar is ideal. This wedding bar menu idea will make the guests happy. You can add savory options like gravy and biscuits alongside fruits and sweet jams, creating something for everyone. 

Casual BBQ or Pig on a Split

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To prepare a wedding barbeque menu, you can go for casual treats for your guests. Don’t shy away from having a gourmet BBQ or some pig on a split. Other ideas include rotisserie chicken, lamb roasts, and pig roasts. These are suitable for a summer wedding or when you fancy a formal day.

Taco Table 

Taco Table

Taco buffets are an excellent way to serve crowds of different sizes. Combine classic favorites, such as pico and guacamole, with additions like mango and mushrooms. This makes the spread tasty and outstanding, which is what you want your wedding to be.



Kebabs are quite convenient for an outdoor wedding. These are tasty skewers that allow guests to pick a bite on the go. Include a vegan skewer option with mushrooms instead of chicken or beef to give the guests meatless options. 

Caprese Cups

If you plan to feed your guests Italian cuisine, Caprese cups are a savory appetizer for the cocktail hour on your wedding day. Guests can carry their snacks in one hand and still talk to friends and family, allowing them social interaction that makes the wedding day fun.


Preparing for your wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences. This is a day you want everything to work perfectly, so you have no room to offer an imbalanced menu. These menu ideas could help you get started with your preparation to make your wedding day a success. 

Do you have more wedding menu ideas to share? Leave a comment below. 

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