Having been to New York City during fashion week, I was able to observe the splendor that is the fashion capital of the world.  I stayed in SoHo which, in and of itself, is a microcosm representation of the entire city.  Throughout the stylish city, you will find the latest trends being worn by the most fashionable women.  After much research on what New Yorkers wear, I’ve devised these seven tips to dress like a New Yorker anytime, anywhere.

1.  Fashionable Yet Practical

Combat Boots

Many television shows and movies, think Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada, portray New York women as wearing designer bodycon dresses and high heel stilettos all over the city.  In reality, New York women wear comfortable shoes that will get them from East to West and across endless subway rides.

The photo above shows combat boots as the footwear of the day.  Not only are they practical, but they are also quite trendy right now.  New Yorkers are fashion-conscious, there is no doubting that, but they are also practical when it comes to navigating a huge city like New York.  For example, to keep up with the flow of pedestrians on the New York streets, appropriate footwear is necessary.  If you really want to rock some awesome stilettos, don’t forget to put some flats in your bag. It is the best tip for every New York woman on-the-go.

2.  Basic Essentials

Basics or Essentials

New York women love their basic pieces like pants, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters. and plenty of other items that go with everything.  They also love basic colors like black, white, beige, gray, navy, and other neutrals.  When you blend the basic pieces with the colors, you get a structured outfit.

New Yorkers are masters at adding bold accessories to a simple basic outfit like a t-shirt and jeans combination.  They will add spice with a bold lipstick.  All these elements combine to create an effortless fashion-forward look.  Add a blazer or fitted jacket to transform the basic pieces into an incredibly chic outfit.

3.  Audacious Accessories


Whether it’s an eye-catching hat, a pair of beautiful sunglasses, expensive shoes, or statement jewelry, you’ll recognize a New Yorker easily by the carefully chosen fashion details she puts into her outfits. When keeping it simple in their outerwear, New York women will add to their outfit the boldest statement accessories, resulting in a dazzling city-style look.

4.  Black is Always In

All Black

New Yorkers might be best known for their outfits consisting of all black.  It’s a certainty that black can be found as the go-to for every New Yorker’s closet space.  However, they don’t get enough credit for their talent of accessorizing these all black outfits in a creative and unique way.  Whether you’re going for an all black sexy look for a cocktail party or it’s a rainy day and you don’t feel like mixing and matching other outfits, the all black look can be ready for almost any occasion.

5.  Weather Changes

NYC Weather

New York City weather is notorious for being annoyingly unpredictable.  Routinely check the weather if you don’t want to become too hot in winter or too cool in summer.  The ultimate New York City girl is prepared for anything and everything so she’ll always strategically layer her outfit. Consider anything that’s easily removable, or that could work perfectly as an add-on for after sunset.

6.  Dramatic Eyewear

Dramatic Eyewear

Day or night, rain or shine, stylish eyewear is the finishing touch to your New York City look. It’s not at all about blocking the sun and an actual need for the sunglasses, it’s about looking good wearing them. Own your New York City style and wear your sunglasses wherever you go.

7.  Have Confidence


New York City is all about attitude. You have to wear your outfit with confidence!  You must feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. What is the best way to look like you belong in New York? Be your own fabulous self, and wear your signature style with confidence.  You’ll fit right in!