Christie Ressel is a true, modern day Renaissance woman!  She has her own YouTube Channel, fashion consulting business, podcast, and much more.  She is also trained as a life coach and has appeared as a regular style expert on numerous national television shows in Canada.  Christie is a college teacher of imaging consulting and she has started her own stylist program.  Her stylist offerings to parts of Canada include image consulting, personal styling, wardrobe consulting, and personal shopping.

It was a pleasure for me to interview Christie because she’s the type of woman that I respect and admire most.  She’s determined to make a difference through her Rise Through Style platform which permeates through both her YouTube Channel and podcast and promotes positivity for all shapes and sizes.  Christie seeks to translate the world of fashion, beauty, and style for her clients so that they too can get excited about their style, body, and beauty.

Hi Christie! Your fashion consulting business, YouTube Channel, and podcast are such awesome endeavors! What are your motivations for starting and sustaining these enterprises?

My business began because of the connect with style that I had with my mom. It was something we loved to talk about, had regular shopping dates, and felt good doing. She unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer when I was 24 and through that process lost a lot of weight. Due to that, I did some shopping for her for an upcoming family Easter gathering as a surprise (as she could barely get out of bed and had no clothing to wear), and she was instantly transformed by having a look that made her feel ‘on’ and represented who she knew she was – not someone sick.

It was a really powerful shift to witness and something that showed me the energy behind style. It’s not just about the clothing. She had passed a month later, but the memory is  burned in my mind and what drives me. I seek to empower women in their lives and clothing. They deserve to know they can feel beautiful.

Christie Ressel

What type of woman is your fashion consulting business and YouTube Channel geared to reach?  Who is your ideal audience?  Who would you like to help with your advice?

Women that are ready to grow and create change! I’m not interested in fluffy fashion any longer. I like seeing how fashion can create more for you in life, help you manifest more, open doors, and allow you to be fully expressed. Based on that, my channel is for women 30-60 who are ready to choose themselves, level-up, be there own permission slip, and love personal development too.

What are some of your favorite YouTube videos that you have published?




Where does your inspiration come from for your fashion styling clients, your podcast, and your YouTube videos?

Often from things I read, clients I speak too, or my membership! The women in there are rocking it and we’re always talking about how to up-level. I love runway inspiration, too.

Christie Ressel

What are your goals/dreams/ambitions for your fashion consulting business, podcast, YouTube Channel, and yourself?

To continue empowering women and helping them expand as a person – not just in style. Grow my membership, offer more coaching (as especially in times right now people need it more than ever), and learn as much as I can. I’m constantly taking seminars, courses, etc. It really motivates me and creates new ideas, gives me new tools, etc.

Who is your favorite style icon?

She’s not real, but I love the character of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Patricia Fields did such a beautiful job of styling that character. In real life, I admire Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given?

Messy action over perfection.

Christie Ressel

How would you best describe your style?

Colourful and creative with tailoring.

What is your background?

I am trained in Life Coaching and Image Consulting where I was the Vice President for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) in Canada.  I have taught image consulting in colleges and now teach online.

Christie Ressel

What are your future plans for your YouTube Channel?

I will be pivoting the content slightly to show more of the growth + style side of things, which is exciting.

What advice would you give women who seek to become more fashionable or stylish?

Drop the rule book and get out of your head. The faster you do that and invest in learning what works for YOU, the quicker you will get results. Remember, it’s suppose to be fun!