It’s not easy being petite. Well, you look cute and way younger than your actual age, but there are some significant struggles of being petite. Your size is a rare item in all the clothes racks. Finding clothes that fit perfectly can be a nightmare, and you always need some alterations.

You stare at the pretty dresses that will never flawlessly fit you and wish you had a Genie to do some magic. You do not enjoy shopping as trying everything on and then having nothing fit gets very annoying. And this can affect your psychological states, as well as performance levels. Here’s a brand that helps you pull off trends and find clothes that fit perfectly.

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Her Muse is a versatile and modern workleisure clothing brand created by petites for petites. It was born out of a need for inclusive sizes without compromising ethics or aesthetics. By helping every woman find perfectly fitting clothes, Her Muse aims to break the stereotypes. The idea behind Her Muse is to make every woman feel confident and get ready to take on the world. At Her Muse, the designs are made to fit all body types.

The stunning blazers, pants, and skirts by Her Muse are most suitable to level up your work wardrobe. The lovely pants and skirts come with unique built-in tummy control that minimizes the need for shapewear. The gorgeous dresses, bodysuits, and shorts are most convenient and make you feel more confident, more relaxed, and more like yourself.

Skirt and Pants on Models

Her Muse is the perfect product if you are looking to add some comfort to your daily lifestyle. Its splendid design won’t just make you look good, but it will also make you feel good—literally. Feel is the foundation of its design. The materials are specifically selected to be ultra-soft to the touch and flattering to the figure while meeting your technical needs. The best part about Her Muse is that it adapts to your body without digging in or slipping off.

Her Muse believes in sustainable production that benefits people and the planet. It has a quite simple philosophy: to design and produce elegant, timeless fashion that fits every petite while caring for the environment. The wide range of clothing at Her Muse is combined with the best quality and high sustainability.

Skirts on Models

Only eco-friendly and recycled material is used throughout the entire production process, from garment to thank you cards. The designs are appealing and tremendously comfortable. Every timeless Her Muse product is tailor-made in a Canadian factory, ensuring the finest quality and ethical practices. Her Muse uses breathable fabric to help you stay cool and water-resistant material to keep you ready for every situation.

Her Muse is more than just a perfect workleisure clothing to wear throughout the day. It is the superpower for petites that ends their struggle to find flawless fashion. It offers them a sense of ease and elegance and empowers them to define their own style.

Her Muse has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and it can be supported here.

Please find the press kit here.