Taking risks in the face of uncertainty is undoubtedly intimidating. When the pandemic hit, everyone’s perception of day-to-day life from work, to exercise, and school, changed. We experienced our lives blending from sun-up to sun-down and it felt easy to play it safe. But was safe the best option?

In this post, we explore how to embrace change and size opportunities, even when it feels impossible to be taking a risk.

At the core of risk-taking, is understanding the purpose, or our “why”. For a risk to reap reward we have to be strategic about every possible outcome. Because at the end of the day, not every risk is worth it. Smart risk-taking involves silencing our fears. The best way to conquer that voice inside your head telling you that you can’t is to overcome one thing at a time, in small doses. By completing small tasks, we can build a mindful resilience that allows us to be confident towards our loftier goals down the line.

As you build that confidence, make sure your ego is in check. It’s never good to be too risky with every decision, especially if it’s driven by the wrong motivation. Take a step back, write down your pros and your cons in your journal and always enlist the opinion and help of unbiased third parties.

Need more tips to embrace your change? Follow the ten tips below to fuel your fire and overcome your obstacles.