Gemstones have endless purposes in the lives of collectors. Some people bring them into their world to promote peace and happiness on a spiritual level, while others simply enjoy having gemstones around for purely aesthetic purposes. You’d be hard-pressed to meet a jewelry enthusiast who didn’t have a favorite gemstone picked out, too. Whether you subscribe to gemstones on a spiritual level just like how gemstone jewelry looks, different stones are said to bring different qualities to the table.

Let’s start with the basics. You’ve probably heard about gemstones that correlate with the twelve months of the year — also referred to as birthday gemstones. Each month is represented by a different gemstone, so someone born on the first of June will have a different gemstone compared to someone born on the last day of May. Read on to learn more about what the various gemstones mean and figure out what kind of energy you’d like to attract more of in your life.


Garnet: (January) Garnet is a deep red gemstone associated with the month of January. When you catch a glimpse of Garnet, it’s no surprise that it’s named after the sacred pomegranate fruit! This beautiful gem is likewise associated with the second anniversary. Appearing in a wide range of colors, you’ll never tire of this gorgeous and unique January gemstone.

Amethyst: (February) Amethyst is a purple quartz associated with February birthdays. The earliest wearers of Amethyst believed the gemstone to have the ability to protect them from drunkenness! (Wedon’t recommend trying this at home, though.)

Aquamarine: (March) Aquamarine, the March birthstone, has a wide range of colors it appears in, from pale to deep blue. Aquamarine symbolizes youth, help, and hope, something we could all use a bit more of.


Diamond: (April) The lucky April birthdays landed on perhaps the most exciting and sought-after birthstone around. The diamond has long been a symbol of faithfulness, love, and purity, hence why it’s so often seen on engagement rings. This uber-romantic gemstone is also understood as a symbol of light, light, and innocence. Nearly impossible to be destroyed, diamonds also mean invincibility.

Emerald: (May) The popular and rare emerald gemstone is enjoyed by those who fall in the May birthday category. This green beauty has an unimaginable and unique depth to it that you can’t help but admire. The meaning of the emerald is rebirth, foresight, and good fortune. The word ‘emerald’ literally translates to ‘green’ in Greek.

Pearl: (June) The pearl represents June birthdays and symbolizes purity. In ancient mythology, it was believed that pearls were actually hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love! Talk about a special stone.


Ruby: (July) Rubies are for the lucky July babes. This striking and dramatic red stone symbolizes health and wisdom and is said to be the most valuable of all gemstones. You may find an increase in good fortune if you hold a ruby close to you.

Peridot: (August) Peridot symbolizes strength. Peridot is the green crystals found in volcanic ashes and are also said to protect the wearer from nightmares. Peridot may be the perfect gift for someone born in August or someone who has trouble sleeping through the night due to bad dreams. Either way, everyone could benefit from its simplistic beauty.

Sapphire: (September) The sapphire represents those born in the month of September. This gemstone has had a long history of being cherished (we’re talking thousands of years!). An especially romantic gemstone, the sapphire has often been associated with fidelity and the soul.


Opal: (October) Opal may be the most “psychedelic” of all the birthstones. Literally translating to, ‘to see a change in color’, you never know just what your opal is going to look like. But rest assured, it will be mesmerizing. The opal symbolizes faithfulness and confidence, and represents those born in the month of October.

Topaz: (November) This unusual gemstone can be found in igneous rocks and sometimes hydrothermal veins. Appearing in a striking yellowish-orange color, the stone is appropriate for those born in November as it screams fall. Topaz has a wide range of tints, like some of the other gemstones we’ve discussed, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that didn’t captivate you.

Turquoise: (December) Last but certainly not least, turquoise is the gemstone that most commonly represents those born in the month of December. Turquoise is yet another striking stone that symbolizes good fortune and success. Think, a relaxing day at the beach, (despite it representing those born in the dead of winter). Turquoise is also thought to have the ability to keep away evil spirits.

Don’t feel limited to exploring exclusively the gemstones that correlate with your birth month, of course! Gemstone exploration is a hobby that everyone can find joy in. Also, keep in mind that the birthstone gemstones are just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless gemstones for you to collect and admire. Never stop searching for your own meaning in these gorgeous, naturally occurring treasures.

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