Effortlessly walking the line between incredibly chic and ultra-casual, the casual chic style is a perfect combination of both. But even though it seems like a great solution to many style dilemmas, this look can also be quite difficult to achieve, as it often seems too vague and elusive to easily understand.

In essence, this style aims to elevate informal pieces with nicer, dressier items in an effort to create unexpected looks, and here is how you could attain this brilliant yet confusing casual chic style as well:

Go for a neutral color palette

Go for a neutral color palette

The casual chic style can best be accomplished by sticking to a very simple and neutral color palette. Whether it’s shades of white, beige, brown, grey, black, or navy, more muted hues can be effortlessly mixed and matched into stylish outfits, while always looking quite elegant and refined.

However, if you enjoy wearing color, shifting to an all-neutral palette might be too big of a step for you. In that case, it’s recommended to opt for more toned-down shades such as pastel or earth tones, in an effort to look fashionable and polished while still nailing the casual chic look.

Invest in versatile basics

Invest in versatile basics

Those basic, staple clothing items are the building blocks of every functional wardrobe, including a casual chic one. Whether they are used as a capsule or even as a simple canvas to base an outfit upon, basic pieces are some of the most versatile and reliable wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

While staples might vary from one person to the next, they usually include items like white t-shirts and tank tops, fashionable blouses and smart shirts, cardigans and sweaters, tailored blazers, neutral trousers, well-fitting jeans, as well as versatile dresses and skirts. No matter which of these basics you opt for, just make sure they are in a classic and timeless style if you want to master the casual chic look.

Pay attention to footwear

Pay attention to footwear

Once you have your wardrobe staples sorted, the next step would be to choose appropriate footwear to complete your casual chic outfits. Similar to clothing essentials, the footwear you select should also be simple, flexible, and neutral enough to perfectly complement any look. Sneakers, sandals, pumps, and ankle boots are generally thought to be casual chic essentials.

But you could also take your footwear one step further. For instance, you might want to invest in a pair of quality sheepskin slippers from NZ that are as simple and beautiful as they are durable. Being incredibly versatile, such slippers could also be worn both outside and in, helping to truly nail the casual chic look.

Include some standout pieces

Include some standout pieces

Although basic, essential pieces might be a great canvas, casual chic doesn’t necessarily mean overly simple and expected. In fact, the point is that you have enough neutral items that occasional pops and glimmers could truly stand out, making your outfits that much more interesting and appealing.

To that end, feel free to include one or two smaller standout items per each outfit. This could be something like a bold and bright color, a busier, more impactful print, unexpected textures such as fur, leather, and lace, or simply a different silhouette like asymmetrical cuts or billows and puffs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder pieces if you want to add more visual interest and appeal to your casual chic outfits.

Choose a good outfit formula

Choose a good outfit formula

While the casual chic style might provide endless outfit opportunities, there are certain aspects that keep reappearing. Whenever you’re in doubt, you could use one of these outfit formulas to help you construct the perfect casual chic look.

For instance, you could pair your favorite jeans with a tank top and a tailored blazer for the ideal casually polished look, or even combine a dressier skirt with a plain t-shirt and a leather jacket for a wonderful balance between femininity and edge. If you’re feeling more experimental, sweatpants paired with high heels could also be an incredibly chic and fashionable, street-style inspired outfit.

Whether you’re going out to brunch or constructing a relaxed office outfit, casual chic can be a great alternative to the more common, repetitive looks we’re all used to. Just remember to be creative, keep it simple, and enjoy your wonderful casual chic style.

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