The bachelorette party is a bride’s last big celebration as a single lady. With the wedding day just around the corner, her excitement is surely building for the big day. She probably feels like she just can’t wait any longer. But help her take some time to stop and really enjoy her last night out with her best friends before she ties the knot.

With all the time she’s put into wedding planning, you know it’ll be a day that no one will ever forget. But the bachelorette party should be just as memorable! Whether she’s looking to have a wild night out with her girlfriends or a relaxing spa day together, here’s how to make the bachelorette party unforgettable.

Make Sure It’ll Be Enjoyable For Everyone

A simple internet search for “bachelorette party ideas” will give you a huge range of options. From a night of truth or dare at a club to a beautiful garden party to a luxurious spa getaway, there are so many different ways you can celebrate the bride’s last days of being single with her bridal party.

As is tradition, the maid of honor or one or two bridesmaids is likely planning the bachelorette party. As the event organizer, talk with the bride about what she would be most excited to do for the occasion. Remember, this day is all about celebrating her! You definitely don’t need to have a wild night out just because that’s what you see in the movies. If a day of catching up and relaxing is more her speed, that’s perfectly ok too.

The bride will also know her bridal party better than anyone, and you want to make sure they’re enjoying the event as well. If you know this girl gang is more low-key, you may not want to take them for a night out drinking or dancing if you don’t think it’ll be much fun for them. Along the same lines, there’s nothing wrong with a crazy last night of being single if that’s what the bachelorette party attendees and bride are all about! See what your bride is most excited about, and plan the bachelorette party accordingly.

Bride and Bridesmaids in Custom Robes

Don’t Overschedule Yourselves

A bride will want to spend her bachelorette party remembering her last days as a single lady, surrounded by her closest friends. While a super-packed weekend of activities will certainly be fun and exciting, don’t forget to schedule some downtime and leave some breathing room between events.

There may be someone running late, something you’ve forgotten and need to make an extra trip for, or extra time needed to get ready. Planned activities are fun, but enjoying time together should take precedent. Avoid jam-packing the bachelorette weekend to ensure you have time to chat and have fun. Trust me, a little downtime is preferable to feeling rushed and overwhelmed.


Find the Perfect Outfits

Nothing screams bachelorette party more than a group of girls in carefully coordinated outfits. Start by helping to shop for picture-perfect white bachelorette dresses for the bride so she can stand out among your group all night or weekend long.

Consider what you’ll be doing and whether you need multiple outfits or just one. Once you have your activities planned out, the bride can know exactly what she’s looking for. As the center of attention, she shouldn’t be afraid to really let her personality shine through, whether in a sequin-covered white romper or a flouncy white silk dress.

Once the bride knows what she’s wearing, send pictures to anyone joining on the trip so they can bring along complementary outfits. Help them each shop for trendy dresses that will look great on them and in all the photos you’ll be sure to take. What’s a memorable bachelorette party without the pictures to prove it?

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Make It Unique

To really make the bachelorette party unforgettable, you’ll want to make it unique to the bride and everything she loves! Wherever you go and whatever the plans, make it exciting and memorable with themed party supplies or fun party games.

Sitting around sipping cocktails and chatting becomes even more special when a fun bridal-themed game gets brought out. And no matter the setting, pulling out some bachelorette-themed decor will really jazz up your plans and are sure to make for fun photo props, too!

Party Food

Make It A Party No One Will Forget

A well-thought-out, carefully planned bachelorette party is sure to be something none of the attendees or the bride will forget. Once you’ve chatted with the bride and have a few ideas, take charge and get the details worked out.

From budgeting to making reservations, planning a bachelorette party can seem like a lot of work. But remember that your efforts will definitely pay off. The bride will have a great time celebrating with her best friends, and no one will want the party to end!

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