Besides the newly married couple, the wedding cake is the center of the reception.  Ensure that your wedding cake is flawless by asking the following questions to potential wedding cake designers.

First Things First: Planning

  • Do you have my wedding date open?
  • How many wedding cakes do you schedule on the same day? Note: You want to ensure that the designer is fully staffed and able to handle the number of cakes booked for your wedding day.
  • How do you price your cakes? By the slice? Does the cost vary depending on the design and flavors I choose?
  • What is your minimum per-person cake cost?
  • Do you have a list of cakes and prices that we can take with us?
  • What are the fees for delivery and setup of the cake? Do you decorate the cake table, too?
  • What do you do if the cake gets damaged in transit to or at my reception site?
  • Do you provide or rent cake toppers, a cake-cutting knife, cake stands, and other necessities? If so, what are the fees?
  • How far in advance should I order my cake?
  • How much is the deposit and when is it due?
  • When is the final payment due?
  • Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of?
  • What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?
  • When can I expect to receive my contract from you?


Next Step: Business Verification

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How many weddings have you provided cakes during your tenure as a cake designer?
  • Where/How did you receive your training?
  • Can you provide me with 3–4 recent brides that I can contact for references?

Yellow Flowers on Top

The Main Event: The Cake

  • Do you have a portfolio of your work that I can view, and were all the cakes made by you?
  • What are your specialties?
  • Can you design a custom cake to match my theme, dress or color scheme, or do I select from set designs?
  • If I provide you with a picture of what I’d like, can you recreate it? Does it cost extra for a custom design?
  • I have an old family cake recipe. Can you adapt it for my wedding cake design?
  • If I don’t have a clear vision of what I would like, can you offer some design ideas based on my theme and budget?
  • What flavors and fillings do you offer?
  • What are the different ingredients you typically use? Do you offer all organic or vegan options? Note: Quality ingredients cost more, but the investment is worth it because the cake will taste better!
  • Do you have cake tastings? Is there a charge?
  • Do you offer both fondant and buttercream icing?
  • Are there any other icing options I should consider? Which do you recommend for my cake design?
  • Can you create sugar paste, gum paste or chocolate flowers? If I decide to have fresh flowers on my cake will you work with my florist or will you obtain and arrange the flowers yourself?
  • Will you preserve the top tier of my cake for my first wedding anniversary or do you provide a special cake for the occasion?
  • Can you make a groom’s cake? Is this priced the same as my wedding cake?
  • How much in advance of the wedding is the cake actually made? Do you freeze your cakes? Note: Wedding cakes usually take at least a couple of days to make.
  • What if I’m not happy with the cake?