Yes, during cooler months you can experiment with layers. Yes, it’s easy to mix and match your favorite looks while showing off your true winter fashion style. However, with bright sunshine and warm breezes, summer is the perfect time to show off your true inner fashionista.

Summer fashion goes far beyond simple shorts, tanks, and flip flops. Let’s take a look at the best fabrics to wear during the summer. With these fabrics, you’ll be comfortable and look in-vogue at the same time.



Linen is loosely woven and appealing to the eye. With its breathable and lightweight construction, the summer heat can’t be trapped. Stay cool and comfortable while natural moisture is quickly absorbed and dried!

Finding a good, lightweight linen with bright patterns is also a spectacular fashion option. It’s perfect for completing your summer looks while enjoying brunch or dinner with your best friends.



Cotton is affordable, lightweight, and widely available. Making it a top-rated summer fabric worldwide. Because of its breathability and comfort, cotton is great to wear during hot days. Cotton will allow heat to escape while you carry out your daily routine and also soak up sweat.

When it comes to cotton, style and color options are endless. Just about every style you can imagine can probably be found with a cotton-made option. Making cotton appropriate for any occasion or season.

Cotton clothing is also available in many different blends. Cotton is typically blended with polyester. This blend is the fabric of choice for people who don’t favor having to iron their clothes. Because of the strong and durable hold of polyester, you won’t have to worry too much about wrinkles!

Sun Protecting Clothing

Sun Protecting Clothing

Sun protecting clothing is becoming more popular every year. Believe it or not, even if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, your skin is probably still being affected by the sun’s UV rays. Sun protecting clothing is made with technical fabrics that offer ultraviolet protection.

Typically, sun protecting clothing will be made from moisture-wicking material and have a UPF 30+ finish. This option is perfect for enjoying outdoor sports like golf, tennis, or anything in between.


Although silk isn’t as absorbing as cotton or linen, it’s still lightweight! With its weightless nature, silk is a flawless option for those looking for figure-flattering style options. Silk can easily adjust to your body temperature, which helps you stay cool without feeling weighed down.



Chambray is a fabric that is very similar to denim. Chambray is a plain weave fabric created with a colored yarn within the wrap and white yarn within the weft. Typically created with a lightweight feel and dark shades, chambray is perfect for avoiding sweat stains.

Just like traditional denim, chambray can easily be paired with quality unbranded clothing to make a personality-filled fashion statement. Dress up or down, try different lengths, accessorize how you see best. Chambray is a must-have fabric for your summer wardrobe.


Jersey was originally made of wool. However, after evolving over time, jersey fabric is now typically made from wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Jersey is flexible and comfortable, making it ideal for creating stylish lightweight summer outfits!

Worst Fabrics to Wear in Summer

Now that you have your summer fabric guide all ready to go, we think it’s worth mentioning fabrics that you should avoid during summer. Let’s take a quick look at a few of them below:

  • Rayon — Rayon is a manmade fabric blend consisting of cotton, wood pulp, and synthetic fibers. In some cases, rayon may include natural fibers, but it usually doesn’t. Because of its synthetic fibers, rayon is much less likely to absorb moisture. This means you’ll feel (and probably look) hot, sticky, and sweaty while you’re out and about!
  • Denim — Denim is adurable and heavyweight fabric, with emphasis on “heavyweight”. Because of these two key features, denim is not breathable at all. While wearing denim during summer, you’ll definitely sweat and be uncomfortable. Wearing denim during summer can also lead to chafing — ouch! If you’re someone who is prone to sweating, you’ll definitely want to avoid denim at all costs in the summer.


  • Polyester – Wearing a blend of polyester with another fabric during summer is okay. Wearing polyester by itself during summer is something you’ll want to avoid. At first glance, a polyester clothing item will look lightweight and breathable. In reality, you’re actually looking at a smothering piece of clothing that will not keep you cool during summer. It isn’t breathable, nor does it absorb moisture easily, leading to the same outcome as rayon fabric!

So there you have it: the top fabrics to wear during summer! We want to make sure you can be as comfortable as you are fashionable when the days start warming up. Make some lightweight outfits with these fabrics so you can strut down the street in the sun in style!

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