Recommended with chandelier light and your cocktail hour best, introducing the MVMT Women’s Fall/Winter 2021 hero watch line, the soirée-ready Frost Collection, a classic square cocktail watch with a sustainable twist!

@itslittlelily (Frost) Group

The Frost Collection timepieces blends today’s elegant minimalist jewelry aesthetic with a late 50’s-esque square silhouette, with two of the models don versatile, polished mixed metals. Featuring an ice textured dial and a sustainably sourced, lab grown diamond set at the 6-hour mark, this watch adds the perfect amount of glitz and glam to any look. The collection features four new colorways: Black Ice, Gold Rush, Winter Rose and Winter Gold.

@itslittlelily (Frost) Winter Rose 2

1.  Black Ice

Black Ice


2.  Gold Rush

The Gold Rush watch blends the elegance of today’s minimalist jewelry aesthetic with a classic square silhouette. Its ice textured dial gives this design a completely original twist, with a sustainably sourced diamond set at the 6 hour mark for added glitz.

Gold Rush

3.  Winter Rose

Winter Rose

4.  Winter Gold

Winter Gold