Beautiful and unique flowers take a bouquet from ordinary to extraordinary. Wedding planning is stressful enough without the anxiousness of picking flowers that coordinate with each other and the season. In order to make picking your bridesmaid bouquet flowers easier, ProFlowers has put together a guide on picking the best bridesmaid flowers for each season

Flowers for Spring Bouquets

Spring is the season for new beginnings, which can easily be represented in your bridesmaid bouquets through bold blooms and whimsical touches. Beautiful flowers bloom in spring, making spring a great time for wedding flowers. Here are some suggestions for a beautiful spring bouquet: 

    • shades Peonies: These beautiful flowers are known for blooming in the spring. They come in of pink, orange, red, and yellow- colors that can make for a unique and bright bouquet. Peonies pair well with whimsical accents such as sweet peas. 
  • Tie in Ribbons: Tying ribbons into your bridesmaid bouquets add texture and uniqueness. Leave them hanging so they can flow through the air as your bridesmaids walk down the aisle.
  • Orchids: These classic purple flowers are a beautiful homage to spring. Pair these flowers with anemones and dahlias to make a combination that is sure to be gorgeous in your bridesmaid’s hands.


Flowers for Summer Bouquets

Summer weddings typically have tropical tones and bright blooms. These combinations shine in the summer sun. Here are some suggestions for bright summer bouquets:

  • Wildflowers: This unique flower choice is great for summer country or garden weddings. They make for a dreamy and casual bouquet. Some of the prettiest wildflowers include poppies and bellflowers. 
  • Succulents: While they are untraditional, succulents add a beautiful touch of green to your bouquets. They pair well with white roses, dahlias, and peonies.
  • Yellow and Gold Hues: These hues compliment the warm summer sunshine. Some popular gold and yellow flowers are sunflowers, marigolds, and dahlias.


Flowers for Fall Bouquets

The cool weather and falling leaves make fall perfect for a comfortable and beautiful wedding. Fall weddings consist of earthy tones, natural textures, and country inspiration. Here are some common favorite fall wedding bouquet ideas:

  • Infuse Earthy Tones: Natural, earthy tones perfectly complement mother nature. These tones add a sense of comfort and romance to any bouquet. Some common flowers in these tones include brown roses and tulips.
  • Add Pampas Grass: Pampas grass is a great finishing touch for any fall wedding bouquet. It adds a unique texture to the mix.
  • Foraged Berries: Adding foraged berries to your bridesmaid bouquets is another great way to add texture. These berries also come in a variety of colors to give a pop to your bouquets. Popular berries for bouquets include cranberries and blueberries.

Flowers for Winter Bouquets

The holiday season is a great time to get married due to the comfort of the season. Icy tones and cool colors are the best for winter weddings. Here are some great ideas for an amazing winter wedding bouquet:

  • Go All White: White is a great color for winter bridesmaid bouquets. They compliment the bride’s dress and, if you’re in a snowy location, the snow! Popular white flowers are lilies and orchids.
  • Go Green: Adding green textures to your bouquets gives a pop of color to a winter wedding. Green sunflowers, eucalyptus, and dusty miller are great add-ins for winter bridesmaid bouquets.
  • Dried Lavender: Another great way to add color to a winter wedding bouquet is by adding dried lavender. Dried Lavender pairs well with babies breath and eucalyptus. 

winter-bouquet-moodboard (1)

Creating bridesmaid bouquets can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Using the above guide will help create bouquets that are guaranteed to impress guests.