I was introduced to some amazing products that uplift, calm, and everything in between.  Trying these 12 Essential Oils in the Halo XL diffuser/humidifier has left me feeling blissful.  Let me introduce you to these wonderful products!

Guru Nanda’s 12 Essential Oil Set

Guru Nanda’s 12 Essential Oil Set comes with twelve of their tried and true, direct from farm to bottle, single notes and blends. The set comes with a wooden box that easily stores all 12 essential oils (and maintains their quality) – making it the perfect gift for all the wellness lovers out there!

Some of their most popular oils include:

  • True Lavender: This top-selling essential oil is different from the rest because they only partner with the highest quality lavender grown at the highest altitudes.
  • Breathe Easy: This is a customer favorite that features a special blend of essential oils to help alleviate the discomforts of congestion and help you feel energized and ready to tackle your day.
  • Harmony: This is your personal cheerleader because it was created with a blend of ‘happy oils’, Vitamin C properties, a custom blend of citrus oils, and a hint of vanilla to bust the blues away.

Halo XL diffuser/humidifier

This diffuser/humidifier is a wonderful addition to any home.  Pair it with any one of the 12 Essential Oils and your home will be transformed into an ultra-luxurious space.

I use the diffuser beside my bathtub while bathing and beside my bed at night.  I choose my Essential Oil based on my mood.  Bath time and bedtime are quite low key so I choose an Essential Oil that is relaxing such as True Lavender, Tranquility, Relaxation, and Calming Sleep.  While I’m working, I choose more upbeat Essential Oils such as Peppermint and Harmony.



Pair the 12-pack Essential Oil set with the Halo XL diffuser/humidifier for the ultimate gift!