Whether it was a necessity due to recent global events or even a personal choice, working from home is incredibly practical and convenient, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Avoiding distractions and staying focused on the job at hand is quite difficult to achieve when the comfort of your couch and bed is only a few steps away. The solution to this issue might be to create an inspiring and inviting home office that will make you actually want to work all day, and here are some simple ways you could do just that:

1.     Invest in ergonomic furniture

Sitting for hours on end slumped over your desk might not seem like a large issue at first, but it can soon cause recurring aches in your back and neck that could seriously affect your health and well-being, as well as your work. Unfortunately, occasionally stretching and walking around will only provide temporary relief.

In order to minimize the pain and give yourself the opportunity to fully focus on your work, investing in a comfortable ergonomic chair that provides maximum lumbar support will be the best thing you can incorporate in your home office. Aside from ergonomic chairs, using exercise balls for sitting or even opting for a standing desk can both be beneficial for your health and overall productivity.

2.     Let some more natural light in

If you’ve ever wondered why minimal Scandinavian décor always looks so spacious, airy, and beautiful, the answer lies in natural lighting. Apart from making your space feel more bright and roomy, natural light will also help to improve focus, boost creativity, and lift your mood, which is why it’s such a popular choice for home offices in many Nordic countries.

If you have the opportunity, letting more natural light into your workspace by opting for larger windows and glass doors will be a great idea for improving productivity and efficiency. In case you don’t have that luxury, simply removing any window coverings and incorporating more artificial lighting through floor and desk lamps could also be a good compromise.

3.     Put on a fresh coat of paint

In countries like Australia, on the other hand, where lockdowns are continuously in effect, those who are working remotely have decided to upgrade their offices with a fresh coat of paint that helps to uplift, energize, and motivate. For that reason, they often hire painters from Artarmon that deliver professional, high-quality work, and ensure their renovation projects are a success each time.

If you wish to create a more inviting working environment as well, it might be a good idea to hire such professional painters to refresh your home office. While green has been touted as the ideal office color, lighter shades of blue, yellow, and orange can all be great choices for boosting focus, concentration, and productivity.

4.     Choose decorations that inspire

A home office that makes you want to work all day needs to be inviting, alluring, and inspiring, and you should choose decor items to match. For instance, you can opt for warm rugs, fluffy throw blankets, and colorful decorative pillows to make the space feel cozier and more engaging.

Similarly, putting up a collage wall of your favorite photos or placing motivational quotes on your desk might help to encourage ambition and enthusiasm, while incorporating wonderful greenery, from succulents on shelves to larger houseplants in the corners of the room, could do wonders for reducing stress, boosting productivity, and sharpening your attention.

5.     Make use of helpful technology

Sometimes we all need a bit of additional motivation to continue working, and technology can be of great help in this area. For example, you can connect quality speakers to your work computer and play some ambient music or even your favorite tunes in an effort to improve creativity and efficiency.

On the other hand, smart assistants such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa are great for staying organized throughout the workday, allowing you to set up meetings, book appointments, create to-do lists, and even make calls simply by using a voice command. When it comes to staying comfortable and happy while working, ergonomic keyboards and mouses can also be wonderful gadgets.


Besides being an effective space for getting the work done, your home office should also be a representation of your personality. As long as you decorate it according to your taste, style, and preferences, you will have an absolutely beautiful space that will make you wish to work all day.

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