Practicing yoga is not a new concept for people to find a more relaxed state of mind, find balance and promote exercise. Yoga also has added benefits of providing people with more precise focus, better sleep, and most importantly, longevity and lifespan.

Yoga is not just about physical posts, but as a whole, the centralized focus on breathing and meditation can assist people with looking inward and discovering ways to be more present. The word “yoga” stems from the word “Yuj,” which means “to bind.”

The idea of connection with oneself contributes to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. The experts at Rahav Wellness compare the advantages of functional medicine vs. integrative medicine with ancient wellness techniques focusing more on locating and identifying the root cause of the issue and finding more integrative methods for healing.

But, how does this promote living a longer, fuller life?

Believe it or not, stress, anxiety, and worry can contribute to your longevity in a negative manner, which may shorten your lifespan. However, if you’re looking to add even just a little bit more to your years, some simple adjustments without having to overhaul your life to incorporate yoga and other wellness techniques can help.


Yoga and Other Forms of Exercise

It should come as no surprise that exercise attributes to aging well. According to the American Heart Association, you can add over three years to your life with only 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise. This means that every minute of exercise can bring you more minutes of longer life.

Yoga is an excellent way to burn calories and get your exercise in since it provides flexibility and balance, allowing you to expand your physical limits. But, there are other exercises that you can incorporate to help. Any type of strength training, cardio, or simply walking for twenty minutes a day are wonderful exercise methods.

People often struggle with finding time to add exercise to their routines. A simple way to ensure that you keep activity within your schedule truly depends on you and your lifestyle. If you are the type of person that can wake up early and get a workout in before starting your day, then you should get up thirty minutes earlier.

Busy people with families can include everyone in their exercise routines, such as going for a walk each night after dinner or having an intense cardio-dance party together in the living room in the evenings. If you have the opportunity to join a gym or invest in a membership where there are yoga or other classes, then you can do that. Take some time to evaluate what method will work best for you to sustain and have yoga or exercise as part of your lifestyle.

Tai Chi

Ancient Wellness Techniques

Yoga is not the only wellness technique to help provide you with a long life. There is a growing amount of evidence to support that other ancient holistic methods can also assist with your longevity. These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Nasal Irrigation (i.e., Neti pot)
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Art Therapy

These ancient traditions help incorporate movement that focuses on mental capacity, breathing, and relaxation, much like yoga. In addition, nasal irrigation is a simple method, which aids in eliminating allergies and improving your health without the use of over-the-counter prescription medicines.


How Does Yoga or Wellness Improve Longevity?

Studies indicate that these various types of wellness practices improve balance and stability in older people. Finding more strength, losing weight, more self-awareness, and even improving digestion are a few more of the advantages that are a result of making these small changes to incorporate more wellness methods within your daily life.

Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning these adjustments to ensure that you are physically fit and well enough. In some cases, physicians may not recommend starting a new exercise or wellness routine for some health conditions.

In other instances, you may want to gradually introduce yourself to a new technique or physical routine before making it a daily habit. Either way, the practice of wellness utilizing ancient techniques is sure to show you how you can add those years to your life and feel better about your overall health.

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