Introducing Vanessa Ohayon of Vanessa Events, Production & Hospitality who has commented on the rise and fall of various wedding trends for 2022. Below she reveals the current trends in all things wedding for this year by touching on topics from floral art installations and color palettes, to establishing new customs and traditions, as well as what’s new in invitation trends.

  • Look for BOLD moves in design! We are seeing lots of pop of color, and, for the bold and brave, we are seeing full on color! The industry has moved away from the Boho Chic and the classic white wedding, and it is watching brides show their personalities with bright bold colors and arrangements.

  • We are seeing more focus on dramatic floral art installments, that are show-stoppers and focal points. People want to feel deeply, and they want to be a part of the décor.  What makes for a better photo-op!? Sitting under a hanging ceiling of flowers or an amazing canopy of lighting where the optics make you feel like you are inside a magical tunnel. People want to be immersed in the experience!  We are also starting to see the bold colors come to life in custom graphics designs on flooring, dance-floors, walls and textiles too.  Also, we are seeing less of the monogrammed dance floor.

  • Brides are being creative and have more initiative in creating new customs and traditions that are meaningful to them and express their vibe as a couple. We are seeing less of the old school traditions that would be at every wedding, such as bridal bouquet toss or garter belt removal. My favorite new trend so far is the double glass break! Traditionally, in a Jewish wedding the man breaks a glass just before they are pronounced husband and wife. One of my couples who are getting married this spring, and feel strongly about women’s empowerment and equality, have opted to break the glass together, each one breaking their respective glass simultaneously!

  • Look out for cool stage designs for DJ’s and bands too. LED screens are O-U-T! We are building more cool stages with custom-made designs for sound and lighting – which you would find at exclusive DJ Festival-like events around the world. Think Tulum meets Ibiza where I just did for a celebrity wedding in Caesarea.

  • As ‘Zoom’ became a household fixture in 2020, and our living rooms turned into our boardrooms, we are seeing that our couples have become much more comfortable scrapping the expensive print invitations and opting for digital distribution. We are seeing printed invitations with return RSVP cards less and less. To add to this newly evolved digital world in which we live, 100% of my couples for 2022 will have a live-streaming component to their wedding.

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