The Belize Collection is a premier boutique resort group with a focus on sharing the culture of Belize with guests from around the world. The resorts use Belizean-made furniture and spa products, hire local Belizeans, embrace the Mayan history, food and culture to deliver the most authentic travel experience to guests. The Belize Collection resorts are located in breathtaking areas of Belize, featuring acres of rainforest, pristine beaches and more. For more information on The Belize Collection, visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

The Belize Collection

Collection consists of seven properties for lodging—Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Umaya, Almond Beach Resort, The Colonial Inn, Villa Margarita and Villa Bella Vista—and additional residences/condos for permanent stays at Sleeping Giant and Jaguar Reef. The Collection typically hosts media and/or events at Sleeping Giant and Jaguar Reef, which will comprise most of the property images along with Umaya.

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

Sleeping Giant is located off Hummingbird Highway in Belmopan, Belize. It sits at the foothills of the Maya Mountains alongside the Sibun River surrounded by the 10,000 acre Sibun Nature Reserve. The resort has an organic design, mixing with the colors and textures of the jungle it’s found in. 31 rooms are featured with open-air bathtubs, an espresso machine, rooftop electric opening skylights and balconies with hammocks. All rooms are unique and designed with NO TV, to give guests an exclusive and refreshing experience of being one with nature. It truly is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples!The resort is also home to Grove House, a farm to table eatery crafted by award-winning Executive Chef Rahim. It was named Belize’s restaurant of the year in 2018 and 2019 as well!

Jaguar Reef Lodge

Jaguar Reef features gorgeous beachfront suites and villas in Hopkins, Belize. The quaint beach town boasts a romantic setting for couples to share their vows. Beachfront dining can be found at the Paddle House, featuring authentic, organic Mayan cuisine.


In addition, Umaya is the Collection’s newest acquisition. The resort features 60 rooms boasting stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the Placencia lagoon with the Maya Mountains as a beautiful backdrop. The resort includes 430 feet of private beach, nearly 7,000 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor event space perfect for any occasion, freshwater luxury pool with cabanas, an intimate spa and more. On the property as well is a unique Belizean restaurant with stunning views of the Cockscomb Basin featuring award winning Executive Chef, Rahim Melendez called Restaurante Laguna. The specially prepared “village” inspired fare is ideal for those looking to partake in a true Belizean culinary journey.

Almond Beach Resort

Let the rumbling of the waves pull you to sleep, and wake to the sunrise gold on the sea, at Almond Beach Resort. Situated on the crest of the shore, we offer you unfettered views of the beach and all her majesty, and adventure as you will it. Snorkel along the reef, paddle out into the blue, bike into the village—there is much to do and see, and the means to make it happen, at Almond Beach Resort.

The Colonial Inn

Bask in visions of the sea’s still nobility, set against the ornamental swirls of clouds on blue—the shore but a step away. That Hopkins spirit colors the world beautiful, with days of adventure chased under the golden sun, and nights of melting moonlight on your pillow. Join in on our every beachside joy, at the Colonial Inn.

Villa Bella Vista

The summit of beachside beauty awaits—every trickle of sunlight sparkling gold, every curling wave scattering into glitters of white sea spray. In the village of Hopkins, everything is a wonder to behold, and there is always time to marvel. Sink into the comforts of gentle luxury, and chase your thrills as far as you’ll follow, at Villa Bella Vista.

Villa Margarita

Of such a towering sort of majesty, Villa Margarita stands upon the shore as a thing of might, of unshakeable glory. Explore the wonders of the sea, so great and blue in its every movement, and curl into the solace of something grand and wonderful unfolding around you, at the Villa Collection’s Villa Margarita.

Weddings in Paradise

At The Belize Collection, we focus on the quality of the wedding experience for our couples. Pre-Covid, the Collection had the honor of celebrating around 30 different couples each year, with an average of 10 at each of our resorts–The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant, The Lodge at Jaguar Reef and The Umaya Resort. As the world transitions back to normal social practices, we are back on track to our usual flow of hosting events and have recently hosted a few weddings.


The Rainforest Lodge is the perfect place for those looking for an intimate wedding. Here, couples are surrounded by the lush flora and fauna of the rainforest. Due to how intimate the Resort is in size and how much we value the overall guest experience, we typically recommend the weddings being celebrated at the Resort not exceed 45 guests. With location options such as garden spaces, decks by the river or even within the heart of the rainforest, our couples are always in awe of the beauty that is naturally occurring on the property.

Our Lodge at Jaguar Reef and its affiliated brands–The Almond Beach and  The Colonial—are most suitable for larger groups of anywhere up to 120 people, as we have over 600 feet of beachfront. With the number of rooms and the varying room types, our larger wedding groups feel right at home in our beachfront suites with views of the Caribbean sea. We can also offer different beach spaces and poolside spots between locations.

The Umaya Resort in Placencia is one of the gems on the peninsula with guests getting to experience the spectacular views of the daily sunrise and sunset (no other resort on the peninsula boasts this experience!) The resort has beachfront, lagoon and mountain views, so whether couples prefer a beach or garden setting for their venue, we can offer both. The resort is most ideal for groups up to 150 people due to how large the spaces are, but even if it is a private ceremony, we’re still able to create an intimate and unforgettable experience. We also have a 3,250 sq. ft. conference space to be used for venue purposes for couples who prefer to not be outdoors for either aspect of the wedding day.

With that being said, we look forward to hosting our couples and their guests as they celebrate their unions and begin a new chapter of their lives with their partners!