I am excited to share the Spring 2023 THEIA Bridal Collection with you!

The Spring 2023 Bridal Collection for THEIA continues to push boundaries, balancing angular and organic elements to create signature looks for today’s modern bride. The season’s design inspiration intersects with that of another artist, local photographer Eva Grall. Grall, along with our designers, are drawn to the “Mother of American Modernism”, Georgia O’Keeffe’s series of Irises as a nascent source of inspiration. Grall’s emotive, modern lens, thoughtful range of texture and value, and air of sensuality coincide with the core values of THEIA’s aesthetic. The simplicity of magnified petals and the soft tactile nature of Grall’s works are evident in the tucks, cowls and folds of our crepe and satin gowns. Easy slip dress silhouettes, plunging V-necks, jubilant floral beading, and cheeky asymmetry can be found within the collection.