My interview with Nadine Bejou of IDINA Bride and Nadia’s Eveningwear (new locations in Seattle’s University Village) contains an in depth look at the wedding dress selection process.  This interview covers styling, shopping, and accessories that are part of the selection of a wedding dress.


  •       What are some of the most prevalent 2022 Wedding Trends?

We’re seeing a wave of clients go for extravagant, very detailed and intricate gowns. So many of our brides had their weddings postponed over the last few years, it makes sense that we’re seeing brides creating over-the-top weddings with multiple looks to satisfy their style. We have also sold more second look gowns this year than any other year we have been in business.

  •       What is the most ideal garment to wear under your wedding dress?

The right undergarment is the key to ensuring your gown fits effortlessly and comfortably! It obviously depends on the dress style you choose, but finding the right underwear is where we find our brides struggle the most. Our favorite seamless undergarment that can’t be seen through any gown is our Shibua No-line Strapless panty. It’s the only no-line strapless panty we swear by on the market. It’s totally invisible and perfect for our brides opting for an all silk or simple modern white gown.

  •       What are the best dresses for different body types?

A-line gowns are perfect for brides who are more straight in shape. The A-line skirt highlights the waist and makes the bride appear more shaped as the fuller skirt adds dimension. For brides who want to appear fuller around the bust, I recommend corset tops. A corseted gown not only creates a beautiful bodice shape but also outlines the bust so that you have a better bust shape. For brides who might feel more reserved because of weight around their midsection, we recommend pulling styles with more lace or applique detailing around that area of the gown. Detailing on a gown can work as the perfect illusion to illustrate the shape you desire. For a curvier or hourglass shape, I recommend a mermaid gown. While most tend to gravitate towards A-line styles, these focus more attention on parts of the body they don’t want to focus on or make them appear larger than they really are. A mermaid gown is the perfect silhouette for brides with an hourglass shape to highlight their waist.

  •       How do you keep your wedding dress safe before your wedding day?

First, ensure that the gown is not being hung up on the actual straps, but on the safety straps that are sewn in the gown. This way the straps of your gown are not stretched, which can happen depending on the fabric and how long you have your dress hung up for. It’s important to keep your gown in a breathable garment bag away from any direct light source as this can fade the color of your gown over time. I also recommend putting a lavender bag near your garment bag! Especially if your dress is made of tulle – it will help keep spiders away that love to eat tulle.


  •       How long in advance of her wedding should a bride begin looking for a wedding gown?

Ten to twelve months is ideal; however, with the state of the world right now, we recommend at least a year prior to the wedding date. A lot of our designers depend on fabrics and supplies from other parts of the world which have seen many delays related to both COVID-19 and the current war in Ukraine.

  •       Who should you bring to your wedding dress fittings and appointments?

We recommend 2 or 3 of your closest family or friends as any more can make opinions start to feel too overwhelming. We also recommend you bring a friend or family member that understands your personal style aesthetic which is important if you’re looking to get honest advice or opinions from them. If someone doesn’t understand or appreciate your style profile, it can feel exhausting as they won’t appreciate details and style notes that you’re into. Also, if there is someone you can’t make your dress decision without, I recommend you bring them along to all your appointments. We always have brides who come in just to try things on for fun and then when they have that moment of finding the one, they’re always upset they didn’t get to share it with that special person!


  •       How can you incorporate family heirlooms into your bridal ensemble?

Many brides want to wear their mothers veil which we find has faded over the years from storage. So we love incorporating pieces of the veil – like the lace applique or using the original comb or trim on a new veil so that it still matches the color of her gown. Accessories are also the easiest way to incorporate heirlooms into your wedding look. I encourage my brides to bring their heirlooms with them during their fitting so they can see how it pairs with their gown

  •       What are some bridal shoe choices?

Amina Muaddi, Jimmy Choo, mui mui all have really modern and nonconventional shoe options for brides that I love.