Surprise attendees with one of these creative and personalized guest book alternatives.


Gather plenty of postcards of different locations the bride and groom would like to visit. Guests will choose their top recommendation(s), write a note about their experience traveling to that particular location, and place the postcards in the mailbox.  Of course the mailbox is only there for aesthetic.

French Locks

Locks for France

If the bride, groom, or both are French or one or both are Francophiles who love everything French, consider having your guests follow the long-standing tradition by placing a lock on an apparatus.

The Pont des Arts is most famous for being the Lock Bridge in Paris. Visitors to the bridge attach personalized padlocks to its railing and throw the keys away in the Seine River.

Although this practice is now forbidden by French law, it can be modified and reproduced on a smaller scale such as wedding attendees placing a lock with a note on a small apparatus.

Anniversary Gift

Box for Messages to Open in the Future

This bride and groom plan to opening their “guest book” which is actually a “guest box” on their first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries. Each card is placed in a wooden or tin box and asked a question about their future lives together.  The couple can then trace how their responses have changed over the first ten years of their marriage.

Card Catalog

If the bride, groom, or both are avid book readers or even librarians themselves opt for a library book-themed card catalog.  Attendees can be asked to write their favorite book or author as well as a note of good wishes.  Organization of a small card catalog can be done in alphabetical order by the guests’ last name for simplicity.  However, any system that makes sense to the bride and groom will work well.

Christmas Ornaments

If the wedding is held during the Christmas season, try having Christmas ornaments available for your guests to sign and write celebratory notes. Your loved ones’ messages will be enjoyed for many Christmas seasons to come.


If you would like to include another travel-themed idea to your wedding, consider a custom map.  Have attendees leave well-wishes on a map that could be framed after the wedding.


A signed piece of furniture, such as a wooden rocking chair, can be a welcome addition to a newlywed couple’s home.

I Remember When…

Create “I remember when … ” cards for guests to fill in fun stories and memories about the bride and groom.  Use separate boxes for the bride and groom for each to reminisce and share stories with each other after the wedding.