It’s time to start vacation planning! But don’t forget to add hats to your packing list. The right hat can be easy to forget to bring — and then easy to regret not having one once you’re on vacation. There are often hats available to purchase wherever you’re visiting, but why not bring your own trusty hat with you so you can have it for the whole trip? Protecting you from the elements while adding another dimension to your personal style, a hat fulfills fashion and function. Here are 5 hat styles to consider for your next vacation.

Wide-Brimmed Style

Wide-Brimmed Hat

The quintessential vacation hat has one standout feature, which is its wide brim. Whether you’re rocking a fedora, sporting a golf hat, or relaxing on the beach in a sun hat, vacation hat style is often defined by the brim of the hat is wide enough to protect you from the brightness of the fun & sun you’re enjoying on your trip. Make your own shade in your own style with an accessory that’s fun, floppy, and fashion-savvy. But don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Wearing a hat helps protect your skin but sunscreen is an essential part of your skincare routine, especially under the summer sun.

Not all wide-brimmed hats are created equal, so you’ll want to carefully consider the right fit for you. Fedoras, for example, are usually made of felt, while other wide-brimmed hats might be made of lightweight woven materials. Also, some hats may be floppy and hard to pack without damaging them especially if they’re larger, so you’ll need to factor that in depending on how much room you have to tote your hat when you’re not wearing it. No matter what type of wide-brimmed hat you choose, it’s best to invest in quality hats rather than going for cheaper alternatives. Quality offers real sun protection and lasting style. Many wide-brimmed hats come in natural materials and neutral shades, so they’ll work with any outfit.

Baseball Cap

Baseball Hat


Looking for a vacation hat that’s already in your closet? Great news! Even if you’re not normally a hat person, you probably have a baseball cap or two tucked away in there somewhere. These hats can be worn with the brim over the eyes to protect from the sun, or worn backward, which is typically seen as the more stylish option.

However they’re worn, baseball caps may not normally be seen as the height of fashion, but there are a lot of advantages to this hat style. First of all, the curved brim and adjustable back strap make them one of the most versatile and comfortable headwear options. Also, baseball caps are great for blocking the sun. And there are tons of designs for these caps available without having to break the bank, making this an easy item to grab for your trip without having to worry about losing it somewhere. Or, you can even buy a cap as a souvenir!


Our next vacation hat style suggestion may seem out of place for some vacations, but give it a chance. Beanies are usually associated with winter vacations, but you can wear a stylish beanie just about anywhere. Some beanies are even appropriate for the office, which means you can definitely get away with wearing the right beanie on your getaway even if it’s not a cold one.

These functional hats can be worn over the ears to block out colder weather or can be perched on top of your head. You can turn the brim up or down for different looks, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Beanies often come in solid colors, but some have fun patterns and designs. Plus, they can be squeezed into even the smallest corner of your suitcase.

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are one of the trendiest hat styles of recent years, a fashion moment from the ‘90s that’s gone viral again. But you may not know that bucket hats also have another name: travel hats. That’s because bucket hats are really easy to pack! You can easily fit these hats in your luggage without having to worry about creases or damage since they’ll just pop right back into shape when you take them out to be worn. Plus, these hats are great for any season.

Bucket hats are stylish, easy, and fun: what’s not to like? You can protect yourself from the sun (or rain) and look great at the same time. So look around on your vacation and you’ll probably see plenty of other tourists sporting bucket hats.

Funky Hats

Before you get all sensible with a wide-brimmed sun hat or a warm beanie, consider the power of a funky hat to add color and personality to your ensemble. What’s funky? That might be anything from a top hat to a feathery flapper headpiece. Realistically, you’re not going to be able to bring your whole wardrobe with you, so every item you bring should pack a punch in terms of usefulness and style. That’s where a funky hat can work so well: it can make a relatively mundane item fabulous with one small addition.

Experiment with unique hats that could work for multiple days of your vacation. Fashion can empower women (and men!) when you choose accessories that highlight your personality. You’re probably going to be taking way more pictures than usual while you’re on your trip, so why not look great and feel confident in a hat that matches your style? You’ll probably get tons of compliments on your styling hat, too!

Hats Off To You

Taking a vacation, whether it’s a luxurious tour or a brief getaway, should be fun. With the right hat along for the adventure, you’ll enjoy yourself even more.

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