Medusa London bridal dresses, made of luxury sustainable materials such as 100% organic silk. Designed for comfort and free from constraints, Medusa was made for the modern, conscious bride with a minimalist approach to fashion, understated and sleek. Medusa’s debut collection, inspired by Greek mythology and modern aesthetics, features 9 modern designs that can be paired with accessories like statement sleeves, belt, overskirt and a hair bow veil, to express each unique bridal personality.


Ethically made using fabric manipulation as a unique decorative feature and support element, the dresses are unstructured for maximum comfort. The dresses are made of 100% organic silk certified by the soil association for being processed in accordance with GOTS (global organic textile standard) and zips of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.


As a self-taught fashion designer, founder Agnese Petraglia in London says, “For our sizing, we worked with real bodies for brides to feel confident in buying our pieces, reflecting their everyday size. Our dresses run bigger than regular bridal sizes, but true to size, so if a bride is a size 8, they will most likely be a size 8 and not a size 12/14.They are made to fit a variety of body types that fall under the same size. Living in both London and Italy, I wanted a collection that mixed my love for the old romanticism with the new in a minimalist key. Medusa’s Muses was born with its romantic flows of soft chiffon and organza fabrics, the knots, drapes and folds and sleek silhouettes, which directly speaks to the hearts of minimal, modern brides. Medusa is for brides who don’t follow rules, they make them.”


Launched in 2021, the brand is flexible on designs and custom work with brides to alter existing models and offer fully bespoke options, soon to offer mini versions and separates.


Q&A with Bridal Designer Agnese Petraglia

Why did you start a modern bridal line for environmentally conscious brides to have the option to wear a dress on their wedding day with a strong ethos for the environment, adaptable to current trends?

I started a sustainable line because I think that we in the fashion world have a duty to put the environment first if we still want to do the job that we love. When I designed the collection I couldn’t think of any other way to do it, because we simply cannot keep adding to the problem that the fashion industry is creating, but we need to provide concrete options and solutions.

In my everyday life, I am working on my personal environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling so it’s the only way for me operate in my job. Like I always try to remind myself and everyone, we don’t have another planet, and without a planet to live on, there’s no need for fashion. I wanted to create a line that was easy to adapt to the ever changing trends and always be current and relevant so that it could last over the years rather than have an expiry date because changing styles and give brides who share the same environmentally-conscious beliefs the opportunity to wear something that represents them completely.


Why did you design a line true to size that is both luxurious and minimal at the same time?

Creating a line that is true to size has been a strong focus for me. A few years ago, I was asked what size I was to model for some wedding dresses.  When I answered “a size 8”, I was told I’d probably fit in a size 12-14 in “bridal sizes”. That shocked me. I always wondered why it’s a rule that you’re supposed to start wedding dress shopping with your confidence down because you’re expected to accept that you’ll have to buy a size 2-4 times bigger than your regular size? So I decided it was time to address the issue. Most of the times, with true to size or even plus size dresses, people assume that it’s not going to be luxurious.  I wanted to show that minimal designs show the quality of fabrics and the craftsmanship of the amazing seamstresses who make them.  I think this is what makes a product a product luxurious. My goal for the future is to become a fully inclusive luxurious brand for all sizes and body types.


The scope of current bridal wear brands offering minimal designs, but not sustainable or extremely on trend, which are not true to size, and why unstructured and lightweight for easy transition post-wedding day is the way to go?

I completely respect and admire the other designers in the industry and I think everyone is doing their best to deliver a product that really resonates with their own client’s beliefs. I see lot of change in the industry and I’m hoping that in the future the bridal industry will be a fully sustainable and inclusive one and that there will be no more “bridal rules”.

I wanted to provide my own contribution to this and create something modern but that will last over time and that’s why I decided to make my dresses unstructured. An unstructured dress is much easier to alter and a much comfortable option.  Even though structure in dresses can help with the overall look, it also  can make the dress very heavy and many times by the end of the day a bride really wants to rip it off and never wear it again.  I wanted to create dresses that are so light and so comfortable that brides will fall in love with them so much that they would want to re-wear them over and over and invest into altering them and making them a staple piece in their wardrobe.  Along with this, my goal for the future is to incorporate pieces in my current and future collections that won’t need any alteration to be reworn outside of the wedding, such as separate pieces and minis.

I think the whole process of a better for the environment option, and true to size and comfortable dress and the opportunity to wear the piece over and over, create such an all round empowering and uplifting experience for brides which is definitely the way to go. Positivity is the way to go.




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