The gorgeous United States Virgin Islands (USVI) consists of three islands: St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, all of which are located in the Caribbean.  These islands are a perfect match for your destination wedding and the stunning scenery that surrounds you upon visiting one or all of the islands.

As COVID testing restrictions lift and couples look to plan their long-awaited destination wedding, the US Virgin Islands reinforces its position as a top choice in the Caribbean. With more than 2.87 million weddings are expected for 2022 – averaging roughly $23,000 per event – The USVI is poised to take advantage of this growing market share.

The USVI ranked the second-most popular out-of-town wedding destinations for Americans, right after Hawaii as stated by the Wedding Planner Institute. These are just our 5 favorite reasons why the USVI is a stellar choice for weddings:

  • The backdrop: The possibilities are endless, from having a wedding at a beautiful pristine white sandy Lindquist beach to the historic Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins in St. John or even at a yacht deck with the beautiful blue ocean as your background.
  • The services: The USVI boasts top-notch vendors like florists, caterers, and hotels. Add some local flair with musicians and DJs who play steel pans, reggae, and soca music.
  • The guest list: As far as inviting friends and families, the USVI is an easy destination for American citizens since they require no COVID-19 tests or passports to reach the islands from the mainland or other US territory.
  • The openness: The USVI, again, as part of the United States, fully embraces and supports marriage between two people regardless of their sex or gender. Same-sex couples looking for Caribbean nuptials need only look at the USVI for a carefree way to celebrate their love.
  • The experiences: Beyond the wedding ceremony, the three islands of the USVI offer hiking, dining, sailing, diving, and a host of other activities for couples and their guests. It’s the type of destination where attendees will want to stay a few extra days.


Magens Bay
Copyright 2008 Steve Simonsen / Magens Bay, St. Thomas, USVI

Once you arrive on the islands, you will find experienced wedding planners and specialists committed to every detail of your wedding, reception, and honeymoon so that you can fully bask in the beauty of your special day.

Wedding Coordinators will take care of everything, including:
– menu selection
– custom floral arrangements
– photographer
– musicians
– the incorporation of unique family traditions and themes into your ceremony

While you’re being pampered on your special day, the wedding coordinators also arrange for special gifts and activities for your guests and family members.  They don’t just make it beautiful – they make it easy.

Explore the USVI’s stunning locations, with historic places of worship, centuries-old architecture, sprawling villas and glorious palm-fringed beaches, the U.S. Virgin Islands is a welcoming paradise for those planning on a budget and for those seeking the ultimate opulence and luxury.

Copyright 2008 Steve Simonsen / Annaberg, St. John, USVI

Don’t forget, when you get married , the U.S. Virgin Islands are also in an idyllic location for a romantic honeymoon. So why not have your wedding on one island and honeymoon on another? That’s the beauty of having three different islands to choose from, all within a quick ferry or plane ride of each other.

Choose from luxurious and all-inclusive resorts, stunning villas, privately owned great houses, quaint inns and well-stocked condominiums, all prepared to help you treasure the moment. Indulge in spa treatments, picnic on a private island, parasail in tandem, dine in candlelit ruins or just lounge in a hammock at sunset.

Chartering a yacht is another option sure to create memories you’ll treasure forever. Boats are equipped with experienced crews and private chefs, as well as a variety of swimming and fishing equipment to allow you to explore secluded coves teeming with animal life. Come to the USVI where you and your partner can experience all of these adventures together!

Sapphire Beach
Copyright 2008 Steve Simonsen / Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas, USVI

Fun facts to know about the USVI

Music:  Calypso, Soca, and Reggae can all be heard (and danced to) in the USVI.

Wedding Tradition:  Wedding tradition calls for a “Black Cake,” served with a hard rum sauce and filled with dried fruit.

National Flower:  The yellow cedar is the national flower of the USVI.