Summer is increasingly gaining popularity as engagement season. With a variety of ring styles, choosing the right one for the one you love can be overwhelming. Keep reading for an easy guide from FANA to get you started.

Engagement Rings | A Starting Point

Not sure where to start with engagement ring shopping? Here are four styles to get you started.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire rings, a classic and traditional choice for engagement rings: one center stone, highlighted with a simple four or six prong setting. This ring is perfect for the person who values simplicity and timeless styles.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Rings with three-stone settings, a large stone flanked by two equal-sized stones on each side have maintained various symbolic meanings. There are two traditional understandings that maintain primary popularity. The first describes the three stones as representing the past, present, and future of the relationship. The second meaning, more romantically, feels that the three stones represent you, me, and us – a perfect symbol of the journey ahead. 

Halo / Pavé Engagement Ring

Halo - Pave

Halo and Pavé settings hold similarities in their use of smaller diamonds and gems to add that extra sparkle. Halos tend to have the pavé setting around the large center stone, reflecting its light and allowing for it to shine more brilliantly. In other cases, the pavé settings are extended onto the bands, creating an ethereal glow on the hand of your loved one.

Unique & Modern Engagement RingUnique & Modern

For the unique love of your life, find them a ring all their own that creates a new version of traditional. From a ring that combines several, a classic solitaire with a channel-set baguette band, to rings that combine more natural inspiration and create a new “twist” on the engagement ring, there is absolutely something for everyone from FANA.

**All FANA jewelry uses the highest quality ideal cut diamonds that are G color or better. The FANA quality of diamond exceeds all industry standards.

Established in 2000 as a consumer-facing brand, the family behind FANA has been creating elegant jewelry that helps represent their customers’ unique stories inspired by the ancestors who worked in the jewelry center of Jaipur. Known for their iconic bridal and engagement rings and diamond quality that exceeds industry standards, FANA also creates fine jewelry, handcrafted with soul and extraordinary care by their master jewelers. With a commitment to keeping their work environmentally sustainable, FANA works to reduce its environmental footprint by auditing their sourcing and production processes, keeping their brand’s ethos of quality and kindness as the foundation of everything they do.