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Women’s Equality Day is celebrated in the United States on August 26 to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex.

I have profiled four outstanding women below who are making a tremendous mark on their chosen professions.

1.  Dana Dadash & Inbal Hornik

Rose Box NYC was created by two powerful women, Dana Dadush and Inbal Hornik, and they have been paving the way for future female entrepreneurs.

By combining the alluring and natural beauty of the rose and their proprietary preservation process, Rose Box NYC produces unforgettable floral arrangements that last for an entire year with absolutely no maintenance required. Their arrangements stay fresh, vibrant and beautiful and are hand crafted to make any moment or any space one to remember. So celebrate Women’s Equality Day the RIGHT way with Rose Box NYC!

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Example of Their Work:

Rose Box NYC

2.  Dr. Azza Halim

Dr. Halim is a leading, board-certified anesthesiologist and physician with a focus in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging treatments and regenerative medicine. Dr. Halim has a diverse background in medicine and wears many hats, making her a viable resource for a variety of topics from wellness to beauty. 


She is a national medical director for hospital, surgical and aesthetic practice startups, runs her own medical consulting company and is a national educator and KOL for various companies, having spoken at conferences such as A4M, Boston BioLife, and Empire Medical Training and Kimera Labs. Her revolutionary, trademarked procedures for cellulite have been presented at the Aesthetics Everything, the Global Aesthetics Conference and the Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit.

Dr. Azza Halim

Dr. Halim at Work:

Dr. Azza Halim

3. Ria Graham

Ria Graham is Co-Founder of Williamsburg Restaurant Kokomo and Good Guice Rum. The 28-year-old mother of three launched both brands during the height of the pandemic, using her years of experience in the hospitality industry to create one of the hottest new restaurants in New York. Born and raised in New York, Ria is an influential leader in the city’s competitive hospitality space.

Ria has worked with notable Caribbean restaurants both locally in New York and across the country. At her newest venture, Kokomo, Ria has teamed up with her partner Kevol, to celebrate creative Caribbean cuisine and culture. Here, diners can try exquisite island dishes while experiencing the couple’s warm and welcoming hospitality that makes them feel at home.

Ria Graham

Her Restaurant:

4.  Louise Ulukaya

Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya is the founder of sustainable children’s clothing brand, Mon Coeur. After the birth of her first son, Louise decided to create a brand that cares for the environment, respects the people making it, and that looks and feels good while being accessible for all. A thought leader in her field, Louise conducted years of research to perfect the best technologies and blends of materials to make earth friendly clothes for kids. Clothes that would care for the planet and the environment without having to compromise on the comfort, look and feel of each individual piece. 

Louise Ulakaya

Example of Her Work: