Today marks 25 years since Princess Diana’s tragic death and she still remains one of the foremost style icons of the world – the Princess wore jewelry in a unique way, knowing exactly how to make each piece in her collection stand out, but did you know that one of her fashion statements was actually an accident?

Fine jewelry and engagement ring experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have revealed everything you need to know about the jewelry mishap that labelled Princess Diana a trendsetter.

I’ve pasted some key info below, however you can read the full story here:

  • Princess Diana’s art deco diamond and emerald choker was a wedding gift from the Queen
  • The Princess was last seen wearing the choker during a low-key gala celebration to mark her 36th birthday on 1st July 1997
  • In a rush, Diana tried to put the choker over her head and got it stuck – Canadian diplomat Victor Chapman reportedly convinced her to wear it as a headpiece
  • The diamonds in the piece look to be 10 carats and old cut stones, which makes them more valuable
  • Our experts estimate its worth to be from $11,643,000 (£10,000,000) to a staggering $17,480,000,000 (£15,000,000,000)

Steven Stone’s leading diamond expert, Maxwell Stone commented: “When it came to wearing jewelry, Princess Diana knew exactly how to make each piece stand out. From re-modelling brooches into necklaces, to wearing chokers as headbands, she set some huge trends and was always showcasing her jewels in unique ways.

Whether it was an accident or not, wearing the Dehli Durbar Emerald Choker as a headpiece was a wonderful choice by the Princess and certainly supported her trendsetter reputation.

The diamonds in this piece alone are magnificent, looking to be around 10 carats each. They are old cut stones, which makes them even more valuable. While it’s so difficult to put a value on a piece like this that has such a rich history, it could be worth from $11,643,000 (£10,000,000) to $17,480,000,000 (£15,000,000,000).”