Every girl dreams of her wedding and, of course, pre-wedding parties. All details are carefully worked out (at least in her head) throughout life. They are just added and adapted to the latest trends when the wedding day is coming closer.

There are a few criteria that make any pre-wedding activities a success. A bachelorette party and any pre-wedding event must be full of fantastic fun with a handful of creative ideas. There are a lot of wild bachelorette party ideas you can find online. Follow these pre-wedding party, event, and activity tips for a stress-free experience.

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1. Determine the pre-wedding party’s date

Your availability, given the hectic schedule of wedding preparations, will ultimately determine the date of the pre-wedding party. Remember, this time it’s all about you and your future spouse, so the party host and visitors would have to fit into their schedules! The date of the shower isn’t exactly set in stone, but bachelorette parties and any other pre-wedding events are typically held a week or two before the wedding day.

2. Invitations


It is crucial to enlist the support of your closest people during this initial phase of preparing for the bachelorette party and pre-wedding activities. They can call your closest friends, but they can also design charming invitations. That will increase the level of familiarity with the attendees. Pick a color scheme and keep up with the trends. You might also choose to take it easy and go with stylish, understated black and white invitations. On the invitation, provide a few pleasant words explaining why you would love them to attend.

3. Guest List

Guest List

Forgetting to invite a close friend who is very important to you or not letting someone know the place and date of the pre-wedding party is a big mistake. Making a guestlist a few weeks or months ahead will prevent these mistakes. However, it’s not a good idea to invite someone just because you feel forced to. Therefore, it is appropriate for the bridesmaids and close family and friends to assist in making the guest list.

4. Props


Perhaps ten years ago, props weren’t as significant, but trends are evolving. You need various props to make the photos, especially for social media, as attractive and customizable as possible. Balloons, picture frames, tiaras, fancy dresses, party glasses, feather boas, confetti, and other accessories are simply necessary. Especially if you want to create the impression that the event is spectacular, and a lot of thought and energy went into planning it. There are many options, including beach parties, historical periods, and cartoon characters.

5. Food and beverages

Great parties require great food. Food is something you must be handled meticulously. Serve your favorite food, but at the same time, choose dishes that everyone generally likes. You can never go wrong with salads, cakes, and cocktails. Adjust the menu to the theme of the party. Pre-wedding activities must include an amazing, tailored food and drink offer. You don’t want to offer the guests something that tastes horrible and looks unappealing. The food and drink can be ordered from a reputable catering business. They can help properly craft a menu during times of busy schedules. They will handle all of the preparation for food and beverages, and you can simply relax.

6. Location


All that effort is in vain if the party where you are saying goodbye to your unmarried life is organized in a location where neither you nor the guests will feel comfortable. If you like to relax with a good glass of wine and enjoy nature. The ideal bachelorette party could be a whole weekend spent in the idyllic setting of a quiet vineyard. And in the evening, an outdoor party with your favorite music, flowers, delicious homemade delicacies, lots of laughter, board games, screenings of good movies, and reminiscing about interesting and funny situations from the past. However, if the team is small, it is a great idea to go on a trip to a place that has always been important to you.

Where to go for a bachelorette or pre-wedding party?

1. Your Favorite Nightclub


If you are not sure what to organize for a memorable bachelorette party, going to your favorite club can never be a bad idea. Dancing to the beats of your favorite music will prepare you perfectly for the wedding dance floor. Likewise, it’s hard to resist a themed dress for a bachelorette party, so you can always use props for that special evening, such as ribbons, crowns, cute dresses, or a t-shirt that says you’re here for the pre-wedding party. If you still think that you don’t need it for a good party, then just focus on good company, good music, good drinks, and everything else will come by itself. Good entertainment will surely guarantee you an evening to remember.

2. House in the Countryside

Countryside House

A house in the countryside is a nice setting if you don’t feel like going out too much or driving too far. It will satisfy everyone’s need for entertainment in its unique way. The ideal choice is a romantic setting where you may unwind for the entire weekend or indulge in a few more cocktails, at your discretion, and create a lovely album of memories for the future bride. Staying in one location will undoubtedly offer you the chance to recuperate before the wedding day, and this type of bachelorette party gives you plenty of room to cook a delectable supper and desserts for this special weekend.

3. Wellness villaWellness Villa

Houses that provide wellness pleasures are often chosen for the celebration of a bachelorette party. The wellness villa, which is equipped with a large outdoor pool around which the celebration of the bachelorette party is even more special and has a hydromassage bath and sauna within its walls, is a big hit. Everything you need to relax before the big wedding party.


Pre-wedding events usually make newlyweds overwhelmed. In this sea of emotions, excitement, and rush, it is easy for you to forget to do some important little things before the wedding. The steps to getting married and planning the perfect pre-wedding event are easier when you have someone to lean on and a plan to check off. Follow these planning tips and you will have the best pre-wedding party ever.


Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and world of fitness.