• Grey is the most popular color of bridesmaid dress in America, with eleven states searching for the color more than any other color of dress 
  • Green bridesmaid dresses are the second most popular color, being favored due to the wide variety of shades and tones 
  • The third most popular color of bridesmaid dress, with seven states searching for it, is gold 

New research has revealed what color each state looks for when buying a bridesmaid dress, with grey dresses proving to be the most popular, with eleven states searching for the color over any other.

The research conducted by fashion experts at Boohoo analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most Googled bridesmaid dress color in each state.

The analysis revealed that grey bridesmaid dresses had the highest number of states searching for it the most, with a total of eleven states, including Alaska, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan, and New York. In Kansas, the most searched color of bridesmaid dress taupe, a shade of dark grey. Grey bridesmaid dresses have been a favorite at many weddings over the past few years, being effortlessly subtle, the natural muted color allows for the focus to be on the bride.

Taupe Bridesmaid Dresses


Green bridesmaid dresses are often a go-to for bridesmaids, which is why many shades of green are used for bridal party dresses. This study has found that shades of green, including sage, emerald and olive are the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses across ten states overall, contributing to the high ranking of green dresses.

The states which are solely looking for a green bridesmaid dress are North Dakota and Vermont. 

Sage, emerald and olive are all the most popular bridesmaid dress options in two or more states, proving just how desirable they are.

Sage dresses have seen a spike in interest since the start of 2022, with searches for ‘sage bridesmaid dresses’ increasing 476% since January, according to Google Trends data. The states searching most for sage bridesmaid dresses are Arizona, Maine, Montana and Utah.

Another green shade of bridesmaid dress that has proven popularity is  emerald. This color bridesmaid dress is the most searched for dress color in Arkansas and Connecticut. The sharp color has been a staple for bridal parties worldwide for decades and will remain a staple for years to come.

The final favorite when it comes to shades of green is olive. Olive bridesmaid dresses are commonly chosen for bridal parties who want a more subtle approach when celebrating with the bride. Both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania prefer olive bridesmaid dresses over any other color or shade.

Gold bridesmaid dresses are the third most popular bridesmaid dress color. Seven states searched for the color more than any other, including Idaho, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington.

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are the fourth most searched for color dress in America. The states searching most for burgundy bridesmaid dresses include Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Nebraska, Oregon and South Dakota.


An orange bridesmaid dress is a fantastic way to incorporate brightness into a bridal party. Many shades of orange are popular choices, such as apricot, rust and mandarin, which proves why it is a go-to color for bridesmaids across five states.   Bridesmaids in Kentucky, Rhode Island and Iowa are searching for ‘orange bridesmaid dresses’ and bridesmaids in Minnesota and Texas are opting for the orange shade of Terracotta resulting in orange dresses being the fifth most popular color of choice in America.


There are four states searching for purple bridesmaid dresses. New Hampshire is searching for solely purple bridesmaid dresses, whilst Indiana and Tennessee are searching for the popular shade of purple, mauve and New Jersey residents are searching for the purple shade of lilac.

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The color in seventh place is pink with searches for pink and fuchsia dresses being popular in a total of two states – Wyoming and Louisiana.

Black bridesmaid dresses are the most popular option in one state – West Virginia. Blue bridesmaid dresses come out on top in Hawaii.

Missouri is the only state searching for maroon colored bridesmaid dresses.

Other colors that are favored across America and remain the most popular in one state each are yellow, more specifically, mustard in Georgia and peach in Nevada.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Boohoo said:

“Finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your bridal crew can be a mixture of trial and error, and when factoring in your bridal parties’ different looks, it can be daunting to know where to start.

However, using Google or social media is a sure way of finding inspiration and this data offers a fascinating insight into which color of bridesmaid dress are favored across America, as well as showing the significance of both traditional and current fashion trends.”