The COOSEON® Beauty Fridge is a perfect way to cool my skincare products.  Several of the products that I use are best applied cool, therefore, this Beauty Fridge is perfect to store and cool those particular items.  The COOSEON® Mini Skincare Fridge was gifted to me in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.


Thus far, I’ve had a great experience with the Beauty Fridge.  It has plenty of space (I have the 4 liter model) and the items that I wish to cool fit quite nicely.  The Beauty Fridge can also heat its contents; however, I have not tried this setting. The temperature measurements when the Beauty Fridge is switched to cool is approximately 28.4°F(-2°C) or keeps warm up to 140°F(60°C) on the internal thermostat.

The LED mirror light is a wonderful addition to the Beauty Fridge because, wherever you take the product,  you will have a LED mirror to use for applying makeup and skincare products.

This 4-liter portable Beauty Fridge is designed for dormitories, bedrooms, offices, various rooms, cars, and much more. You can use these compact Beauty Fridge anywhere to store food, drinks, snacks, skincare, or makeup.

The Beauty Fridge is a great solution for storing your cosmetics at a cool temperature to enhance their active ingredients. And the removable shelf design makes small items like a mask, perfume, face cream easy to store separately. It’s the best gift for women and girls.




The door shelf as well as the shelf inside the Beauty Fridge are both removable.  This creates more space or more options for configuration within the Beauty Fridge.  Depending on the items that I wish to cool, I can rearrange the shelves to optimize the space.



My COOSEON® Beauty Fridge

I stocked my COOSEON® Beauty Fridge with some of my nighttime serums and creams.  My Jade Roller fit nicely in the door shelf.  This COOSEON® Beauty Fridge is a great product that allows you to heat or chill your beauty products.

Beth Beauty Fridge