Dew Revive is an all-natural, waterless stick infused with dermatologist-tested skin-loving ingredients!

Not only does Dew Revive make your skin look amazing to the naked eye, but it will also thank you from the inside!  Dew Revive contains ingredients that include Japanese Camellia seed oil, pomegranate oil, rose hip oil, and squalane, all of which help calm and soothe inflamed skin.  It will comfort your skin like it would applied to skin after a sunburn or windburn.

Dew Revive is the perfect multi-purpose stick for both men and women.

Dew Revive

Here are a few ways to put your stick to good use:

  1. Jumpstart your skin routine in the morning by swiping Dew Revive on your face.  The ingredients are designed to deflect free radicals that occur in the atmosphere and the air we encounter.
  2. Prepare skin before your makeup application with Dew Revive. Your skin will benefit from a smooth application of foundation and other makeup.
  3. Use it all over your body for deep hydration.
  4. Use anywhere you want some extra glow and glimmer.  After applying, put on your favorite outfit and soak up some vacation vibes!
  5. Use it on areas needing extra TLC such as elbows and knees.  This is necessary, especially during the colder months, when skin is desperate for more moisture.

Dew Revive

A little Dew Revive goes a long way. It absorbs immediately into the skin, never leaving a heavy feeling or film on the surface of your skin.

About the brand: Balaeyon

Dew Revive was born into the Balaeyon brand which focuses on self care on the go. Dew Revive will become your travel companion, especially when you fly, because it is TSA friendly.  With its 2.0 ounces in size, it fits perfectly in most bags with less mess.  Dew Revive will keep your skin in great shape, especially on long flights.

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